Arrow – Tremors

Michael Jai White is back as Bronze Tiger and he killed his way out of jail with the help of a loyal follower. His first stop is Malcolm Meryln’s place to get the prototype of the earthquake device that destoryed part of Starling City last season. Jai is a rather one note villain, but I don’t put that on him. There just isn’t much for his character to do other than menace and cause trouble. every time he’s been written into the show he’s appeared as no more than a lackey or man for hire. We don’t get any idea of his motivations. And if you say money is his only motivation we don’t even get much of that.

Arrow and Bronze Tiger

Arrow and Bronze Tiger

The dynamic between Oliver and Felicity seems to constantly be in flux. One minute they are giving each other eyes, and acting like a couple that don’t know they are a couple. Then they are rather cold despite Oliver complimenting Felicity and claiming he’s proud of her. I would have expected that statement to back a bit more punch than it did.

I love that The Hood is making Roy slap water to learn control. It’s great seeing that they are finally working together properly. Rather than brushing Roy off Oliver is realizing that if he doesn’t bring Roy into the fold he’ll go off an get himself killed. But Staying in and learning how to control his anger and strength isn’t something he’s all for. Instead, he insists The Hood takes he out of the town where he can actually fight a real bad guy. In the field, Roy proved himself capable of handling himself, even if that meant Oliver still needed to pull Roy of the man he was putting a hurt on. When Roy confronts The Hood about stopping the device and getting Thea and her family out of the city, Oliver points out it was Roy’s fault. This only enraged him and he lashed out on Oliver. I like that the way Roy was finally able to control his rage as he fought Bronze Tiger was by revealing that The Hood is actually Oliver. Together they managed to take out the bomb before it could go off. Roy’s gratitude when he realized it was Oliver was a great moment. And thus we saw the birth of a true new teammate.

Slade, Oliver, and Sarah

Slade, Oliver, and Sarah

This week’s flashbacks dealt with Oliver’s guilt over getting Shado killed by Dr. Ivo. Oliver and Sara are still doing everything they can to find Slade. For Oliver it isn’t just to prevent Slade from possibly losing his life, but to confess that Shado’s death was his fault. When they finally encounter him, Slade is still consumed by rage. Oliver managed to calm Slade as he reassured him that Shado loved him.

The rest of the Queens were dealing with their own problems. Thea is worrying about Roy as he is acting erratic and accidentally hurting her. Moira is beginning to reconcile with Walter. Walter’s associate in fact is trying to convince Moira to run for mayor against Sebastian Blood. Walter is all for it, but Moira reasonably is cautious about approaching the position.

Laurel and Quentin were also having a reunion of their own. Despite Quentin’s outburst on Laurel, he wants to apologize because he misses his daughter. He may worry about Laurel and not approve of what she’s doing, but he doesn’t want to foster the same separation. However Quentin’s invitation for dinner was just a way to get Laurel to an NA meeting. It didn’t go over well. Laurel stormed off and refused help. But help is what she needs considering even her friend can’t get her a job at the firm due to the legal action being taken against her now. Of course, she took to drinking to celebrate her impending disbarment. It is really tragic to see all of her ambitions spiraling out of control as she loses herself.

We also got to see Amanda Waller confronting Bronze Tiger at the end of the episode. Yes, this is the beginning of the Suicide Squad. Oh And Sara revealed herself to Laurel.

What did you think of the episode?

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