The Vampire Diaries – The Devil Inside

I’m back at it and reviewing The Vampire Diaries exclusively at Geeked Out Nation. But here’s an excerpt of the latest review.


Katherine admitted to Matt that she is in Elena’s body almost immediately. Poor Matt is always the butt of everything bad. With the help of Nadia, Katherine is going around co-opting help to be in control of Elena’s body. I would expect Katherine to be a terrible person yet again, but I wasn’t sure that Nadia was going to join the definitive baddie group. But that’s exactly where she is headed with each selfish and cruel act she does. Before Katherine can permanently get control of Elena’s body Nadia needs to get Katherine’s body. Thankfully, Damon is being stubborn won’t give up Katherine’s body.

For the rest of the review is at here.

What did you think of the episode?

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