Super Bowl Movie Trailers – Superhero Edition

The super bowl is over. Should I even call it the super bowl the way the Broncos were stomped on by the Seahawks. I was actually sad the Broncos scored at all because the game would have been more interesting if it was a complete blowout. It wasn’t a very exciting game, but at least there were commericials. At least one hoped. There is a large portion of the population who just watches the superbowl for the commericials, While others will watch the puppy bowl or eschew tv all together. With the big game over, we were given a taste of some movie trailers for some of this years biggest blockbusters. Let’s take a look at Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and Transformers 4: Extinction.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Disney started this with an awfully remniscent teaser trailer that enticed its audience to watch more online. Yes, You heard that right. Watch the 30 second teaser which will only tell you to go watch the full trailer online. It’s been done before, but it was annoying then and is annoying now. Rather than watch on a big giant screen and throw all of the excitement in at once, it pulls you in and then forces you to watch it on your own. I get it, the cost of having a superbowl commercial is astronomical, esurance even made it part of their after game ad. However, it instills a lot of faith that the audience will go look at the ad rather than just show it. Let’s be honest, I watched the entire game looking for the ad and somehow I never saw it, along with a few of the other movie ads that were supposed to be shown. C’est la vie.

The actual trailer gave us another better taste of what is to come with Captain America: The Winter Solider. It begins with Black Widow telling Cap a bit about Winter Soldier, that he is a ghost. Then we spend nearly a minute of the trailer in various ways seeing how much of an opponent The WInter Soldier will really be for Cap. In a great moment we see The Winter Solider escaping from an unprepared Cap. In an effort to stop the Winter Soldier, he throws his shield at him. Only, the Winter Soldier turns around and catches it one handed and tosses it back at Cap nearly knocking him down. It was by far my favorite moment of the trailer. We also got to see the beginning of the budding relationship between Falcon and Cap, which is nice. Along with Falcon proving himself a bit in combat. I really enjoy the update on Falcon’s look, however, I do wish there was a bit more red overlayed onto the new look.

This trailer, more so than the previous trailer (which played up the trouble within SHIELD angle), played up the tension between Captain America and The Winter Solider. The dynamic between the two hasn’t really been hidden and anyone who is a fan knows the nature of their actual dynamic. However, most people don’t know of the relationship. I won’t spoil it for anyone, even if IMDB already has, but I’m excited about seeing it play out on screen.

Watch the full trailer below.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

I’m probably one of few people who is actually excited about The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Unlike what seems like many of the reviewing public, I enjoyed the first movie more than I enjoyed Tobey Maguire’s first go at it. It wasn’t my favorite movie, but it left me wanting to see what happens next for this version of Peter Parker. Which brings me to this movie. Unlike Captain America, it did show a proper ad during the superbowl. However, it was truncated into parts. Yes, it’s a trend I doubt will end. but at leas this ad was a bit more enticing.

This was a new look at the dynamic between Spidey and Electro. Even better we got to see a bit of Spidy interacting with Gwen Stacey in the film as he saves her life. In just the short span of the first spot we see just how crowded this film may end up being, with Electro as the big bad, but also Rhino and Harry Osborn messing things up. While part 2 of the ad mostly rehashed what happened in the first trailer, but added a humorous bit between Peter and his Aunt May. Both of those trailers fed into the draw to watch the newly released trailer titled “Enemies Unite”.

The new trailer was interesting in that it showed Max Dillon aka Electro, before the change as he was saved by Spidey. He even seemed touched that Spidey knew his name and was intrigued and happy that of all people to notice him it was Spidey. We are then treated to his accident. and his transformation into an electric blue man. For whatever reason he stumble into the street and encounters Spidey, who doesn’t remember Max from earlier and that’s his mistake. In that moment, he went from having an ally to enraging Max into his Electro persona. It really speaks to how much people want to be noticed. We also get some glimpses of the other villains and it will be interesting to see what actually causes the villains to unite. I get the feeling it will be related to Oscorp.

Watch the full trailer below.

Bonus Round:
Transformers: Age of Extinction

I never thought I’d be excited to see the next installment of Transformers. To be completely honest, I’m not entirely sure that I am, but the trailer shown during the game was interesting. People may condemn the Transformers movies, but they consistently know how to entice people to come watch the movies, otherwise we wouldn’t be dealing with the fourth Transformers installment.

I don’t have too much to say about this trailer, but it does look like another interesting installment. The major downfall of the Transformers series was never the spectacle or amazing visual work on the Transformers, in fact that’s why I kept going to see them. Their major issue has always been the story. We don’t get a feel of what the story is going to be, so it may still have the same problems. We’ll have to wait for the full trailer to get an idea of that. However, the eye candy in this teaser trailer is great. Not to mention, there are Dinobots.

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