Agents of SHIELD – T.R.A.C.K.S.

This latter half of the season is really proving itself to be much better. We are kicked right into the action whereas earlier in the season the show would have spent more time setting things up.

Agent Ward

Agent Ward

The team is divvied up, while some of the pairings are traditional on the show, ie May and Ward. It was nice to see Fitz and Skye paired together. They are both rather high energy characters and they played off that very well. In many ways it made Skye’s usually unbearable personality, more engaging. The pairing of Simmons and Coulson was also nice. She is such a brain, thus managed to prepare an entire backstory for her character. The result was an outlandish outburst. In their interaction we got  nice little Stan Lee cameo. It was weird how much she prepped for portrayal of Coulson’s estranged daughter.

The original switch up of character pairings didn’t last for long, unfortunately, but out of it we did get Ward alone with Coulson. I wish they would have had the pairings solidified from the beginning rather than switching off because it would have really established their relationships. We could have always had another story in the future with a different pairing. The men who forced Coulson and Ward off the train threw a device that made it appear like the train disappeared. With Coulson, Ward, and apparently May off the train the others have to deal with the threat from within.

Coulson and Ward are both men of action and they find their way back to the plane. It was funny to see them struggle with the teach FitzSimmons use effortlessly. Coulson called Ward out on his relationship with May as it being wrong.

Skye and Fitz

Skye and Fitz

It wasn’t until we saw May’s perspective half way through the episode that it became extremely interesting. May had indeed got off the train, she even found Coulson and Ward on the ground. Turns out the device the men threw off the train that made it appear like the train disappeared actually froze Coulson and Ward. They only awoke once it was gone. May’s perspective made things a lot more clear including that Russo actually sold the SHIELD team out, which meant May had to take them out.

The fighters weren’t the only ones who figured out what was up with the neurotoxin bombs. When Simmons sacrificed herself to save Skye and Fitz she was the next to fall prey. After Fitz and Skye made sure the attacker was away and Simmons was armed for when she woke, they jumped from the train and followed some suspicious vehicles to a Cybertech base. For some unexperienced field ops I was surprised Fitz and Skye split up.

I didn’t expect to see Mike Peterson so soon, but I’m glad they didn’t try to hold back. Mike was outfitted with a new cybernetic leg and has orders from the Clairvoyant and even when Quinn gives the order to kill Skye, he refuses. As soon as Quinn was alone with Skye, he shot her, and then again. By the time Coulson finally finds her, Skye has bleed out to the point she is hardly alive. It was a damn good thing Mike’s hyperbaric chamber was waiting there for her use. It’s sad that it took Skye some interaction with a different character and nearly dying for me to care at all. Mind you, it still isn’t much.

What did you think of the episode?

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