Arrow – Heir To The Demon

It was great to see a woman taking down all the men in the airport. Not that it would ever happen, but it was cool to see how she took them down in stride.



Moira is now in the midst of her new campaign for mayor everyone is working to get everything in order. This story line has allowed us to see more of Walter, which I love as he is a great actor and character. Since everyone is in on the campaign, Oliver must shut down. Moira proves herself as an unlikable character yet again when Felicity figures out Moira’s secret about Thea, Moira threatens Felicity. She fed Felicity some bull about scaring Oliver away and that was enough to keep Felicity silent. However, Oliver knows Felicity well enough to know something is wrong.

Laurel Lance’s story line brought in Laurel’s mother, aka Alex Kingston (River Song from Doctor Who) as she went to see her daughter in the hospital. Laurel seems to remember Sara saving her life. Quentin is quick to figure out that it wasn’t just a hallucination and confronts Sara while she’s still in town. With the league of Assassin’s still in town, Sara  doesn’t think going to visit her sister will do anything, but put her in danger with the League. It doesn’t take Sara long to realize it wasn’t the League who poisoned Laurel, but Nyssa.

Laurel’s mother was eventually pulled into the fray as Nyssa held her captive to lure Sara in. In a fight against some of the league of assassins, Quentin got to show his chops and actually took one of them down. Unwilling to wait any more, Sara finally goes after where Nyssa is holding her. In an emotional moment Sara reunited with her mother. It was heartbreaking to see her cry at the sight of the daughter she thought was dead before being ushered away from her. Turned out the poison Sara stole wasn’t for Nyssa, but herself as she collapsed in Nyssa’s arms. Sara refuses to go back to the League of Assassins and would rather die. Nyssa didn’t take that well and tried to kill the rest of the Lance family, until The Hood stepped in. He managed to stop Nyssa, give Sara the antidote, and keep the Lance Family together. Best news of it all was that Sara was released from the League of Assassins.

Laurel and Sara Lance

Laurel and Sara Lance

When the Nyssa introduces herself as the daughter of R’as al Ghul, she swoops down on a ribbon and kisses Sara. We already know she doesn’t play games so when she says Sara has to come back, you know she means it. It was interesting that Sara and Nyssa were in an relationship. Unfortunately, that attraction was enough to drive Nyssa to attack in order to get Sara back. It makes you wonder where Nyssa learned about relationships. Sara may have loved Nyssa once, but going after Sara’s family as revenge doesn’t seem like the best way to win over Sara.

This weeks’s flashback was actually of a time before the island where the Lance family was still together. It was almost eerie seeing the broken family so happy in the past. When we come back to them, the cracks are beginning to appear. When Laurel was talking about getting an apartment with Oliver, Sara had already been seeing him behind her back. When Laurel heard of the boat going down she was devastated about losing Oliver.

I was glad to see Laurel stand up to Sara and point out everything that was wrong with their relationship. She doesn’t forgive Sara and she doesn’t want her in her life.

Oh and Oliver hooked up with Sara. Felicity isn’t going to like that. And I don’t like it either. She’s wrong for you Oliver.

What did you think of the episode?

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