The Forward Thinking of Science Fiction

There’s one thing that has always fascinated me about Science Fiction and that’s the genre’s propensity to get things right. Sure, one could argue that with so many writers and creators in the genre, some of them were bound to hit the nail on the target. Also there’s the idea that hindsight is extremely telling. However, I have a feeling that for the great science fiction writers and creators it isn’t any of that which makes them capable of foreseeing a future which has the strong potential to at least become partially true.

Minority Report

Minority Report

Being Right
So many of the technologies that appeared in Minority Report are either slowly coming to fruition or already exist in some way. That’s a pretty big feat considering the film was actually set further in the future. Here we are with out touch screens like the movie touted. We have the digital newspapers in its early versions. Heck, we even have the customizing advertising that is beginning to make it’s emergence. More and more we fall into these worlds were the things on film are part of our society. It takes a lot for these ideas to actually become reality.

What drives the change
The real question is if the people creating technology are not looking to the Science Fiction pieces they’ve encountered as inspiration. It’s hard to think that people aren’t looking to these works and then doing their best to emulate what could be. It’s an interesting approach and makes one wonder how big they can dream.

How they do it
While, no one will ever be able to lock down a way to figure out how someone can envision what will work and what won’t we can get an idea. Those who have been able to cipher possibilities are part dreamer and part analyst. Somehow they manage to see a world in which the progression of a certain trend in technology or social obsession will lead to something new. The actual results are sometimes similar to the depiction or sometimes a variation. Either way, the people who originally envision these things are able to see something else in the early days that then progresses into something more. Maybe there are obvious signs, maybe it’s a result of research, or maybe its just the way of imagining evolution that allows them to create. Either way, we still don’t have the hoverboards Back to the Future 2 predicted and we don’t have much time to figure it out. Mattel, get on that. (And I don’t mean the model that couldn’t actually hold anyone up).

What do you think will be the next big thing Science Fiction presents?

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