The Vampire Diaries – Total Eclipse of the Heart

I’m back at it and reviewing The Vampire Diaries exclusively at Geeked Out Nation. But here’s an excerpt of the latest review.

Tyler, Matt, and Nadia

Tyler, Matt, and Nadia

I’m both surprised and not at the same time as Katherine espouses about how life is perfect now that she’s in Elena’s body. She isn’t going around causing trouble because by stepping into Elena’s life, she now has everything that she wants. Damon is out of her life and Stefan is on the market. She has friends, she’s a vampire, and everyone loves and care about her. Imitating Elena is such a great thing for her and you can really tell in the way she’s behaving. However, as long as she is imitating Elena, she needs to project feelings that the real Katherine would never feel. For example, pretending to care about Jeremy. I have to give it to Katherine that he initial show of caring was good. It was hilarious that she stormed off to make a pros and cons list of saving Jeremy and could only think of pros that would garner her sympathy from Stefan. With Jeremy safe, she was still able to weasel her way into Stefan’s affections.

For the rest of the review check it out here.

What did you think of the episode?

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