Almost Human – Perception

The opening sequence was fascinating if not confusing opening. It was beautiful to watch the technology move with the music. The girls didn’t make it through to the end as the one performing the symphony collapsed and died at the same time the other girl in the park did. Of course, Kennex and Dorian are on the case. Both girls seemed to have a drug in their systems. The girls are both Chromes, which are genetically engineered human beings. Yes, all possible defects have been weeded from their system.

Stahl and Maldonado

Stahl and Maldonado

This episode gave a highlight to .  It was fitting that she was a Chrome similar to the other girls. It made it difficult for her to relate to the girl she had to interview who was actually a natural rather than a Chrome. The Chromes we did see exuded this extreme cockiness that was unappealing. Some of the other chromes were really trippy.

The actual drug of the episode, seemed to make the Chromes behave oddly. Where as some people may become addicts, the Chromes cannot. Even still, there have now been three instances of Chromes ODing from this drug that was designed to free their minds. When the young man, Julian, was on the drug and discussing how he was the one making the drug, but he wasn’t responsible for their deaths, it was interesting see his thought patterns.

Julian had been in love with the first girl that had died. Apparently the drug opened things up to possibilities for Chromes. In naturals it had a different effect that made them realize that they didn’t have all the possibilities. In many ways it seemed to bring on a revolutionizing depression and acceptance of ones perceived face. So much so, that the initial girl that died  committed suicide.

Stahl and Kennex

Stahl and Kennex

You could tell this episode was designed to appear earlier in the season. There is a strong tension and dislike between Kennex and Dorian that had already faded in other episodes we saw. As a result, their conversations came off hostile rather than endearing. Not to mention Kennex was still struggling through his addiction. It’s unsettling to see Fox airing episodes out of order, but it’s not the first time the network has done it.

Kennex was still in the midst of his issues with his ex. He keeps seeing flashes of the day of the police raid that went wrong. Its distracting him from his job and crashed his car, injuring Dorian. He’s not in a good place. For the first time since the first episode, we saw Kennex back in the chair trying to unlock his memories.

This was not Almost Human’s strongest episodes. There was a human component to the kids, but the Chromes were also off-putting in many ways distancing us as the audience. As I also mentioned, it was very jarring seeing this episode now as it doesn’t seem to fit with what we’ve seen so far.

What did you think of the episode?

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