Marvel Civil War Would Make A Great Mini-series

In honor of my boyfriend’s birthday and him just finishing plowing through Marvel Civil War, this post is for him. Anyone who reads Marvel Comics would likely know what that story line entails. While the story line is extremely compelling and beyond interesting, I have strong doubts of this ever to come to fruition, however I do have some ideas on what how it would be best brought from the comic page to live action.

Marvel Civil War

Marvel Civil War. Volume 1 Variant

Civil War Storyline
the whole concept behind Civil War is that the US government and it’s people have grown tired of the constant damage left behind in the wake of the massive villain vs hero battles. Not to mention those who live near the damage sites are in constant danger. When a major catastrophe a occurs and a town is exploded and 612 people (including 60 school children) die in the process, the hero, Speedball, involved in the fight is jailed. The damage for heroes has already been done. Tony Stark works with the government to help draft an inevitable law and throws his sport on the side of registration. All super heroes and villains are to sign up and reveal their identity, making them culpable for the damage that incurs. One side effect of this is the government would be able to assign heroes when to fight and where. As the title of the series suggests, the heroes are torn by those who support the act and.or feel the need to sign up led by Tony Stark against those who find the act an infringement of their rights (regardless of if their identity is already known) led by Captain America.

The Best Format
The Civil War story is not an overly complicated plot, but it had a lot of players. There was an important Speedball storyline in which he went through his transformation and suffered the brunt of the blame from the disaster. Then there was Spider-Man’s initial support of registration before everything turned to shit and he switched sides. And of course there was the entire Captain America storyline with the resistance of the registration act. Those are far from the only story lines in the Civil War comic event and it would do well to include some of the others. The entire point of the Civil War is that everyone chooses a side and if you only have a few characters or only touch on them too briefly you lose the scale of the comic event. It was a big event and that needs to be felt in however it is visually presented.

Marvel Civil War - Spider-Man

Marvel Civil War – Spider-Man

A mini series would provide Civil War just the right amount of time for you to really delve into multiple of the story lines and see how different heroes are handling the situation. A single movie would over simplify the plot lines in order to show the main plot due to time constraints. The appearances of many characters would be more distracting as you’d be looking for a glimpse of the rather than enveloping yourself in the story. While a limited event season, would likely draw the story out too long. Sure characters could be more fleshed out, but there are only so many storylines that really have a major impact, while some work on the periphery. Knowing the ins and out of Punisher’s story line isn’t essential to the story. Neither is the latter part of Ms. Marvel’s. A mini-series on the other hand would allow the creators to expand a little bit. There are numerous beats within the Civil War storyline that would serve as good breakpoints, not to mention the ability to see all the different reactions to the conflict that wouldn’t be seen otherwise.

Why it May Never Happen
Those who follow the goings on of comic book movies know that the rights to Marvel properties are split. 20th Century Fox has the rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four. Sony Pictures has the rights to Spider-Man. Marvel Studios has the rights to pretty much any other Marvel property. This poses an issue especially as mutants often play a large role in the Marvel universe, but Marvel can never say mutant. It will be an interesting point to see Quicksilver in X-men: Days of Future Past and seeing the same character as Pietro in Avengers: Age of Ultron. It limits the story telling and inserts confusion in the audience. In order for us to see a Civil War story, we would need Spider-Man and Mr. Fantastic’s(well an alternative is possible for him) inclusion. That would require all three studios to work together to produce this massive event. If Who Framed Roger Rabbit is any indication, it is possible, but also rather difficult.

Would you want to see Civil War in live action? Who is your favorite Marvel character? What format would server Civil War best? And finally, do you think the studios would work together for a project like this?

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