Helix – Survivor Zero

Constance Sutton, the woman in charge of Allaria aka the parent company is now in the house. While she may have come off perfectly amiable to Alan, she was far more hostile with Hatake when she had some alone time. The goal really is to get the cure for the disease. However, the goal was also to create the virus. One and the other. Hatake failed to get the cure as well, which led to the the CDC’s involvement. Constance’s arrival made it very clear that while Hatake is no saint, he is one of the good guys in the situation. Hatake wants his people out alive. Constance has a different idea. Everyone in the facility is to die.

Constance Sutton

Constance Sutton

Despite Constance’s sunny demeanor around the CDC team, but Alan is much smarter than that. He realizes that something is up and informs Sarah that they need to make the cure to help the people, but at all costs it must be kept from Constance. i’m glad for a change that characters are acting intelligently rather than like fools.

Julia is going through sme strange things down on Level R. Where she previously looked a total mess and like she was ready to turn, now she looks pristine aside from the throbbing headaches she has. There is also the fact that she’s talking to herself, and the mental projection of Peter Farragut. Whatever is going on with Julia, she is maintaining flashes of her silver eyes. Eyes that some how are scary and important enough to scare off a vector when it came to attack. Julia seems to be developing some resistance and way to harness the virus. Considering the show has repeatedly made a big deal about how important Julia is to helping find the cure, I wouldn’t be surprised if she in some ways has become part of the cure.

Dr. Julia Walker

Dr. Julia Walker

Hatake was strangely emotional when he treated Julia. Whatever was going on with her eyes was a sign of something. Constance displayed the same silver eyes in a show to Hatake. It wouldn’t be out of reason that the silver eyes are a specific side effect in certain people when they come in contact with the cure call strain for known diseases. He seemed genuinely concerned for her and wants her to survive. Hatake is willing to risk his life to help Julia escape before Constance could kill her. With every episode, I want to know more about the relationship between Hatake and Julia as it seems to go deeper than this single span of days. He seems disturbed when Daniel forces Julia away from him when she returns. Daniel has his own beef to pick considering that he believes Anana’s claims that he is in fact her brother.

Anana and Ballaseros are off in the snow. While Ballaseros seems to think he can sweet talk and get himself untied, Anana is too smart for his games. Even if they don’t trust each other, they bonded a bit and shared stories. Turns out Ballaseros is Brazillian and Anana was told stories of the boogie man to stay away from the scientific base. When Anana and Ballaseros finally get on base, Daniel doesn’t believe he is Miksa, twin brother of Toluk and Anana’s brother. Instead, Daniel orders them both into isolation. With Ballaseros back on base, I wonder how long he can actually survive. Constance didn’t seem to be thrilled be his presence, but not for killing Doreen. Ballaseros was on her payroll to try to get dirt on Hatake in order to eliminate him. Oh, and she had a thing for Ballaseros. Considering they are the two most evil characters to cross this show, they really are perfect for each other.

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