Early Year Game Draught

You know how I mentioned in a previous post that early in the year, the quality of movies was on the low end? Well the same exact thing happens with games. Granted there are a lot more movies that come out each year than games. Regardless, the real highlight of game releases tend to be summer and around October. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait all the way until the summer months to get an idea of what may be good. Last year we had games like Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite coming out early in the year. This year we can look forward to are Titanfall and Infamous: Second Son.




Last year at E3, Titanfall made a big splash as we got a real good first look at the shooter. Previously, Respawn Entertainment helped with the development of Call of Duty, but Titanfall is their first game and real baby. Exclusive to PC, XBox 360, and XBox One the game is the first new massive shooter IP to come out in a while. Titanfall is primed to consume the lives of many people who enjoy FPS games. The beta went out end of last week and I have to say it looks quite nice. The combination of playing as a soldier and inside a mech makes the experience unique. While so people may be frustrated because the game is limited to 6v6, it will hardly be an issue to the experience because it’ll be populated with AI.

Infamous: Second Son
Another big game at E3 was Infamous: Second Son. Cole’s story may be over, with Empire City and New Marais in tatters, but now we will be following Delsin in Seattle. It’ll be interesting to see how the city looks as the released images seem to be beautiful. What is most exciting about the game is the ability to utilize different abilities like smoke and neon, not to mention all the others we haven’t seen. Second Son is also the first game released that was developed exclusively for a single next gen platform only. It will be interesting to see how the game works since it is able to maximize the PS4 platform.

Other Games
There are a few other games that will be coming out that have some buzz behind them. After many years of waiting South Park: The Stick of Truth will be hitting last gen’s consoles. The game has been touting it’s ability to look just like an episode of the show. It should be an interesting effect when playing the game. The real question will be how long it lasts. Rayman Legends will also be out shortly and seems to be getting good reviews already.

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