Who Is Your Favorite Marvel Character?

Let’s be honest sometimes, I feel like junk and my mind won’t function. Today is one of those days. I refuse to leave you all hanging, so instead I wanted to make this a more engaging post.

Who is your favorite Marvel character. There have been hundreds over the years and there are always new characters being added. There are teenagers and old men. There are aliens and mutants. Pretty much anything you can imagine have been introduced into the Marvel Multiverse. So, with all those characters and all the people in the world everyone is bound to have different favorites.



My personal favorite is Deadpool. There’s something about his wit and breaking of the fourth wall that draws me in ever time. Not to mention he is kind of a badass immortal with a scarred face. Something about him has always drawn me in and held my attention. While Deadpool may be my true favorite, others who know of my recent obsession with all things Iron Fist may think differently.

I want to know who is your favorite Marvel character and while? Are there any characters you think that deserve a movie or show of their own?

Share your thoughts below!

6 thoughts on “Who Is Your Favorite Marvel Character?

  1. Kitty Pryde is my favourite. She’s smart, sarcastic, determined, a ninja, has a pet dragon, and is just all-around cool.

    I like Deadpool, but I don’t like how most writers write him. He’s usually treated as basically a joke character. Daniel Way’s run on the character was an abomination, and the current Duggan/Posehn run was shit up until The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Joe Kelly wrote Deadpool best, because he wrote him as a tragic character. Someone who hates himself, who’s utterly miserable, but who uses humour to mask that misery. He wants to be a better person, but his personal demons always drag him back down. He’s far, far more complex than most writers want to bother with.

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