Almost Human – Beholder

Let’s start with the fact that I don’t understand how that virtual reality worked unless it was implanted in his brain. The whole room ended up covered by the simulated golf game.



This week we were back to talking about chromes. This time, a chrome was murdered in his apartment. It was written off as a cardiac arrest, but Stahl saw through that and recognized this as a possible murder. Chromes don’t die young because they don’t have any genetic defects. This episode was another chance to really highlight Stahl and it was nice to see her get her chance to shine. She is a chrome, but unlike most chromes she’s in law enforcement. Like last week’s episode with the teenage chromes, it’s clear that elitism runs with chromes. When Stahl entered the chromes only club, she was insulted and accosted in a battle of wits. Thankfully, Stahl is very intelligent and was able to counter every argument. It’s clear though that chromes are the upper echelon of society.

Stahl’s personal journey was also really interesting as she is slowly coming to terms with being a chrome. It seems that her choice to become a detective was a way to combat chrome expectations. Clearly, something happened to her as a child that made her see chromes as the enemy. Her brief interaction with the man at the chrome club seems to be making her see chromes in a different light.

Brian Barrow

Brian Barrow

The murderer, Brian Barrow, was killing people who were physically attractive. Like the chrome we saw murdered, he was extracting something from them. Whatever is being taken is helping the man who has a tattered face. It was nanobot plastic surgery. It was supposed to use an actuator to grab the DNA of a donor which could then be used to reprogram the patient. Unfortunately, the process was killing the donors which made the trials stop. Brian’s killing people to get the perfect face for the woman he loved. It was just his luck that he went through all of this and committed crimes and the woman he loved was in fact blind. The woman he loved, never saw his avatar, but loved him for him. He never had to do anything for her to love him. Now it is all ruined.

It was hilarious that Rudy was insulted that they didn’t inform him about the beauty killer. Apparently he was a child model and though that he would be a possible target.

This week was return of the playful banter we saw a lot in the earlier episodes between Kennex and Dorian.Their banter is one of the highlights of the show. Listening to Dorian list all of Kennex’s faults was entertaining. It was a low blow though when Kennex pointed out that he at least knew where is features came from while Dorian didn’t.

What did you think of the episode?

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