The Walking Dead – “Claimed”

I reviewed The Walking Dead “Claimed” over at Geeked Out Nation. Here’s an excerpt.



The Walking Dead has never been known as a show that has figured out how to get it’s pacing down. In the reality of the show, it feels natural as it matches how things go in real life. Our day to day things are exciting and then we go though lulls of less intense moments. Shows don’t have the same luxury. People turn to television to see a story unfold and hat means it needs to meet beats in pacing. After the character focused episodes in the mid season premiere and the fast paced feeling of last episode, this episode felt unsure of itself. It bumbled through a series of high tension and moments of slow burn. That said, it was a good episode that propelled some of our characters down the roads they needed to go.

Check out the full review here.

What did you think of the episode?

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