Marvel’s Runaways Should Be TV Show

Yesterday there was an article on ScreenRant about the Runaways movie that never came to be. Which got me thinking again on a topic I’ve thought about a few times before. Despite the original writer’s claims that Runaways could only be done as a movie, I don’t believe it’s true. In fact, I think that Runaways would find a great home on a cable channel or Netflix/Amazon. However the problems that he mentions are legitimate.



When I first encountered the Runaways concept I was head over heels. The idea is that there is a group of teens who accidentally discover that their parents are villains, The Pride. Sure, their parents may be C-List villains, but they are in a deep mess with the Gibborim in a plot to destroy all life on earth. The actual runaways are a motley crew with each of them having different abilities and skills. Together they flee from their parents and try to stop them before the world is destroyed, then they just run. The events the group experienced has made them unwilling to trust adults and at points to even trust each other.

Teenagers with Adult Content
In many ways, the Runaways are depicted like real teenagers. They hang out, they curse, and they hook up. Pretty much, they act how a group of good kids would if they were placed in their situation. The kids aren’t necessarily dark or gritty. It’s the conflict they face with their parents that is. But the issue still stands that the story requires a group of teenagers in a relatively dark situation. With the success of shows like The Walking Dead, featuring a kid roughly around the age of the youngest runaway, it makes me believe that Runaways could be done successfully. TV, cable in particular, is far more accommodating to shows that are darker.

The Pride

The Pride

How to Market
Another issue he mentions is the issue of marketing a story surrounded by teenagers. As Pearce mentions, their story would have a group of six teenagers on the cover. That makes it hard to sell, because while there are teenagers on the cover, it isn’t meant for kids. It is very counter intuitive market to what one is used to. This is not just an issue for Runaways if it is a TV show, it is an issue for a movie. In many ways, the promotion of a TV show would be easier because it would be less likely to be construed as something meant for young kids to consume.



Why It’d be a Good Show
With numerous possible problems in the way of Runaways becoming live action, I believe TV is best suited for Runaways. While a movie could highlight the kids and the struggle they face against their parents, it would have to be condensed and would lose some of the lightness of the Runaways. Yes, these are kids put in a situation that is highly unlikely. But they are still kids. A TV show would allow the kids to breathe and the show to be infused with some of the lightness. Not to mention it would be able to be an ongoing series that could reasonably last 3 or 4 (10 episode seasons) and tell their story fully. It would allow you to grow with the kids as they themselves grow and get stronger. Not to mention the various encounters they have and new characters that were added. Obviously it would come out after Avengers: Age of Ultron, thus meeting Victor would make sense. We could also get our first look at a skrull by way of super skrull in training, Xavin.

Do you think the Runaways is more suited for a movie or a TV show? Do you enjoy the Runaways story?

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