Arrow – Time of Death

Our bad guy of the week was particularly adept at hacking systems. He was one of those men who is highly intelligent with a pair of inferior lackeys. The more time we spent with him the more we got a sense that he suffers from a superiority complex with an anger problem. it was a major issue that he managed to hack into Felicity’s secure network and hack a transmission. Sara was able to isolate his blood from the stick she attacked him with, allowing them to identify that he had a rare disease. A rare disease with a computer science degree meant that he was identifiable. Then he went an hacked the network again.

Time of DeathIt was nice seeing Sara, Oliver, and Diggle sparring rather intensely. It’s good seeing that they can all hold their own, Diggle even struck Sara in a match ending hit. They then compared all their different scars and bonded over it as Felicity entered. The only scar Felicity has are from a few stitches when her wisdom teeth were removed. You can tell how lonely and ostracized Felicity now feels now. Where she was once a part of the group she’s now standing on the outside. The mutual attraction between the two is on hold as she has to watch Oliver watch kiss Sara in front of him. While he goes out into the field and spends more time with Sara, Felicity is stuck in the compound doing the tech work. It was sad that Felicity felt the need to try to train i hopes to get Ollie’s attention. It must have been a major insult when the person who came to aid her and give her advice was the person she’s trying to upstage. Then again Sara circumvents Felicity’s offer for help and proves that she is intelligent as well. She feels inferior to Sara and incompetent in the one thing that she’s supposed to be good at. Felicity feels like she could be replaced.

The climax of the episode allowed for each of their characters to have a heroic moment. Felicity may have foolishly gone off to the bank alone, but the others were soon there as well. Diggle used his strength. But it was Felicity who saved the day. She pulled Sara out of the way, getting injured herself in the process. Even as she was hurt she still pulled the trigger and detonated his phone causing it to knock him out. Even Sara acknowledged that it wasn’t we who did it, but Felicity. Considering how inept she felt, this moment really was the clincher in proving to herself that she’s important to the team.

The flashback was back to the Oliver, Sara, and Slade on the island as they tried to escape. Just when they spot a possible jet that could be their salvation it goes down. When they reached the plane the pilot was still a live, but badly injured. Sara sat with him as they spoke about how he wanted to contact his daughter. The daughter turned out to be Sin explaining the relationship she had with Sin.

Time of DeathOliver decides the best way to welcome Sara’s official public return is to throw one of his famous Queen parties. Sin seems to have a weird prior relation ship with Sara. The party Oliver throws is in Moira’s house. Thus, it is a very awkward situation when Oliver confronts Moira at being present at the party. She does make a good point that it is her home. However this facade they are putting up will fail. Thea is already beginning to see through it.

Oliver seems to have adapted very quickly to working as part of a team. With Black Canary at his side when Quentin calls him in, he isn’t very hesitant. Sure, he has worked with her before, but it’s still strange considering how adamant Oliver is about working alone. We have seen this change slowly starting to alter. He did bring Roy along last time.

On the Lance Family front there was a lot brewing. Sure, Laurel is still furious at Sara and misses the party. Heck she even goes on to state that she doesn’t want to reconcile with Sara. However, she is willing to put her animosity to the side in order to help her parents reunite. Quentin’s genuine happiness was great as he talked about how it felt to be in the presence of Dinah. It also reminded me of how Kate Cassidy can often be the weak link acting wise on the show. Sara really is the screw up as she decides to bring Oliver to the Lance family dinner. Thankfully, Oliver’s appearance isn’t the only awkward moment. Dinah doesn’t just live in Central City, but she is dating someone new. Laurel’s tirade when she found out Sara and Oliver were hooking up again didn’t feel genuine. Laurel just comes off as an angry person and that is the only emotion Kate Cassidy seems to do moderately well. I’m glad that Oliver called her out on all of her bull and her inability to accept any personal blame. Laurel is on her own now. That must have been enough to give Laurel the kick in the pants she needed to start mending the relationship with her sister.

What did you think of the episode?

2 thoughts on “Arrow – Time of Death

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  2. Really laurel just found out sara is a life and then she found out that sara is dating Oliver again while lying about it , the very same reason why there relationship got destroy and if sara really love laurel and want to be sisters again then she shouldn’t have get back with Oliver the minute that laurel kicks her out or at all and sara sure as hell shouldn’t have brought Oliver to the first lance family dinner since six years being apart. What I hate is how the writers trying to make sara and Oliver the victim when it comes to laurel which they aren’t victim. Sara acting all bad ass but yet act like some poor innocent Victim when it comes to laurel while needing everyone else to fight her battle when it comes to laurel. Sara have her and sister parents fighting her battle and she have Oliver fighting her battle but yet sara doesn’t have a problem fighting off cold blooded killers but yet she acts as if she is a baby or defenseless child and Oliver who behaving like a complete bastard who doesn’t have any moral or humanity and even Hitler would have tell both sara and Oliver that their behavior and treatment laurel is past disgusting and sick on so many levels. While laurel isn’t perfect but I wouldn’t want to have someone like sara as family or a friend and I’m sure as hell wouldn’t want to cross paths with sara ever or Oliver.

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