Helix – Level X

The team is clearing out the vectors and using Sarah as bait. I’m sure there would have been someone more well suited to dangle their lives on the line than a doctor. The real problem is that they’ve only spotted one vector in their time down below. It seems that Level R isn’t the bottom level of the facility, but there is a Level X even lower which houses all of the genetic goodies. Daniel had no problem ratting him out.

Peter Farragut

Peter Farragut

All the vectors are flocking down to Level X because off the warmth near the vault housing the disease. In order to get to the vectors safely, they needed to freeze out the level, which means they will also freeze. The image of all the froze vectors was eerie as Alan and Julia moved through them to get to the virus. What made it even more eerie was that the vectors were frozen, but ot immobile as though the cold just made them stop activity. Once in the vault there are too many of the containers for them to handle themselves. All of that and the actual virus wasn’t even there.

Watching the vectors work in unison and perform as a kind of hive mind was fascinating. When Peter was brought down to Level X he instantly commanded their attention they swarmed him. Even creepier was that they had the intelligence and dexterity to pass around the ‘Keep Calm and Carry on’ cup, each spitting into it. With their fluids compiled they gave it to Peter, reinvigorating him. Peter is back to ruling his band of vectors in a grand show of power.

Hatake admits to working for Ilaria. He admits to manufacturering a serious virus. But he postures that by him being in charge he saved the world because he never planned to turn over the doomsday virus to Ilaria. Hatake is far less upfront about his relationship with Julia. The truth is slowly leaking out, but he’s playing his cards close to the chest.

Alan Farragut

Alan Farragut

Julia’s insistence to move forward and explore why her initials in her handwriting were engraved. With Alan refusing to leave her side, they went down to explore. There was a cabin that happened to be the exact replica of her childhood home that she summered at. I get the strong feeling it wasn’t a replica, but the actual place she was going. Whatever happened during her childhood, her mother seemed to be in on it. Julia confronted Hatake about the false home. What she learned was that she never lived in Montana. She learned Hatake also had silver eyes and she inherited them from him. Hatake finally admitted to Julia that he is her father.

Sarah’s episode while she is down in Level X felt out of place. Yes, Sarah is a bit of a screw up. And yes, Sarah has a major issue with making good decisions. However, her little rant when the whole world seemed to be blocked out felt out of place. While it may have been a very inconvenient moment for her to rant and go despondent she didn’t do it by choice. Moments after admitting she’ll never had kids she began convulsing. Hatake wasn’t going to leave her to die, that’s not what he does. But Sarah is in a bad place and Alan is blaming himself for not noticing the signs.

Ballaseros is back to being locked up. He went from a sociopathic to a calculating opponent. He gathers information and compiles information. At the first opportunity to escape, he and his cell mate did. Rather than working together, Ballaseros just killed and looted him. It felt almost like a video game. I’m growing sick of Ballaseros behavior. He is a purely evil character. There is no redemptive arc for him, unlike Hatake. Ballaseros could do everything right for the rest of his life and he could never be redeemed. Not that I believe he truly could not do anything terrible.

What did you think of the episode?

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