Almost Human – Straw Man (Season Finale)

We learned new places like New Pittsburgh, where our story begins. A young girl Abby is waiting to get her meds. She manages to get it. The poor girl ended up dead and stuffed with straw near the wall. Turns out it was Kennex’s father’s case. One of his last before he did. Costas was indicted for the crime and after 5 appeals he gave up hope. Apparently when he was framed he wasn’t on is meds and was having frequent blackouts. Turns out even Kennex’s father believed that Costas might be innocent and voiced that opinion to Costas before Kennex died.

John Kennex

John Kennex

Dredging up this old case was a way for Kennex to reunite with his father’s legacy as well as give us a better idea of what he came from. There were some great moments of reflection as he thought of his dad. Kennex looks up to him, respects him, honors his legacy, and became a cop because of him. His father circled the feet of the victims noticing a pattern about the feet that he never noted. Dorian was the one who picked up that they were flat footed which lead them to believe the victims weren’t the atual people, but a bio printed version. We were visually reassured that they were on the right track when we got a glimpse of the latest abducted girl seeing her own bioprint.

When they finally get to the place they find Glenn Dunbar the real criminal. Dunbar was using the people to test in order to perfect his own cybernetics, which made him a cyborg. When the first round of murders came up, Kennex’s father was set up so if the truth was ever revealed he’d be doubted. While the reason his father died was revealed, it doesn’t change the fact that his father died because of the case. There was closure in that sense although before this episode there wasn’t much of an indication that there was anguish.

John Kennex and Dorian

John Kennex and Dorian

The department is going on a yearly review and the board is particularly interested in Dorian. They seem to be looking heavily into Dorian DRN 0167 as they repeatedly refer to him as. The team speaks of him glowingly. They are confident in him despite the boards badgering and attempts to decommission him. While the board didn’t automatically approve Dorian, they didn’t reject him either and gave him a call back. Rudy advised Dorian to act more like an MX in the call back to reassure the board. At the end of the day Kennex gave Dorian a glowing review that allowed him to stay on the force for another term. A a thank you, Dorian got Kennex a not yet on the market new leg.

The banter between the guys is fantastic as per usual. Kennex’s exasperation when Dorian started singing was genuine annoyance. But he takes it in stride like a man would take the foolishness of his best friend. I believe that they have reached a point where they are actually the best of friends. More importantly, they have each other’s backs when they need it.

For a season finale, I was underwhelmed. Enough said.

What did you think of the episode?

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