The Walking Dead – Still

Check out my review of “Still” over at Geeked Out Nation. Here’s a preview:

Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon

I strongly believe The Walking Dead could pull off an entirely episode in silence Buffy style. While, the beginning of “Still” was completely in silence, Beth and Daryl soon started talking. “Still” took a risk by focusing entirely on Beth and Daryl. Even “After” focused on two story lines. This insular story focusing on one fan favorite and one of the less proficient fighters could have been a disaster. However, what we got was an episode about nothing plot wise, but of much importance when it came to character development. As a result, we were left with a strong character driven episode.

You can read the entire review here.

One thought on “The Walking Dead – Still

  1. Honestly, while I enjoy a focused episode, Beth’s characterization is what kept me from enjoying it as much as I could have. She’s way too whiny and dependent- she calls out Daryl for not helping her with a walker, then later sarcastically refers to him as her chaperone. Not every female character is going to be Maggie, Carol or Michonne and while I’m glad we got to dig into Beth’s life, it came at the expense of making her look almost completely helpless and just looking for a drink Some of her comments, like wondering if golfers booze it up, felt awkward. I get that Beth is young and naïve, but characters like Carl are much younger, have seen their share of heartbreak and still walk through this new world, ready to take it on. Beth is just…I feel not all that useful. She had her moments, like wanting to cover that one walker- never mind that they bypassed the hanged walkers in another room- but I just don’t think she’s that well-written. Even here. Nice to see Daryl drop his defenses, something we haven’t seen since he had to kill Merle, but I dunno. Of the separate storylines, this is probably my least favorite if just for Beth’s character. Good character development, but for me, poor execution.

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