Agents of SHIELD – T.A.H.I.T.I.

This week picked up exactly where we left off with Skye’s life in danger. Unfortunately the little bit of tension that they built up with Skye, was forgotten in the hiatus. The urgency to see if Skye survives just wasn’t there, but you certainly felt the emotions of her team. When the doctor informs them that Skye has been too seriously wounded and that their best efforts left Skye in a position to be made comfortable. Coulson kept his head realizing that if he could be brought back to life, there were other doctors who could help Skye.

Coulson and Ward

Coulson and Ward

The team is in major disarray at Skye’s injury. Surprisingly, May took it more harshly than one would have expected. Coulson’s despair is channeled into determination. It felt rather shallow seeing all these characters have such intense reactions and reminiscing over this girl they all seem to have taken into their hearts. that same intensity is lacking for the audience. I’ve yet to feel for Skye anything remotely like these characters are behaving. As a result, it makes me feel guilty that I don’t care if Skye lives or dies.

John Garrett has made his first appearance on the show played by John Garrett. He was working on the same mission as our team. In fact, Garrett’s team had almost finished their mission when our group swooped in. Along with Garrett is Agent Triplett who got in a tussle with Ward when he wouldn’t give up Quinn’s location on the jet. Garrett is all for some hard interrogation. The interrogation leads to both Deathlok and the Clairvoyant.

Simmons and Triplett

Simmons and Triplett

Saving Skye means doing exactly what the clairvoyant wants. The Clairvoyant wants to know what was done to Coulson and forcing them to replicate the process on Skye will be the Clairvoyant’s answer. In order to even attempt it, they needed to find where Coulson was treated. After some smart moves that looked more like technomagic, Fitz figured it out and they were on teir way to the base. Unfortunately, they didn’t know the counter response and had to take on the two residents, Alpha and Beta, to get in the facility. Once the prior residents were dispatched, they made for a quickness to find the nutrient. Only when Coulson was down there he found his old room, T.A.H.I.T.I. and realized the drug they were looking for may not have been good for her. Coulson tried to warn her, but it wasn’t in time. Luckily, the nutrient didn’t kill Skye like he thought.

After a relatively strong last episode, T.A.H.I.T.I. felt slow and like they were dancing on well trod ground. Over and over again information we know was repeated It took nearly half the episode before we started making some forward movement. The show needs to work on pacing as it is inconsistent episode to episode. Considering it tends to be on the lacking side some good pacing would really help the show.

Let’s be honest, I’m not sure what Coulson actually saw in that tube marked G.H. It appeared to be half a body intubated as fluids that made up the nutrient were extracted. We did get a nice little preview of a devious woman, Lorelai, from somewhere else, possibly Asgard, considering she referred to earth as Midgard. She forced a man to run away from his bridge. I also need to admit that I enjoyed the flirtation between Triplett and Simmons. Considering Simmons is far less useful than Fitz, it’ll be nice to give her more to do even if it is sidetracking her romantically.

What did you think of the episode?

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