March Releases

Let’s be honest March is an exciting month for video games. but not quite as exciting when it comes to movies. Check out what is coming out below and let me know what you are looking forward to.

South Park: The Stick of Truth
It has been a long awaited game that was pushed back. Finally it is coming to our hands. Unfortunately, it is only coming to last gen consoles, so if you want to play you’ll have to do it on Xbox 360 or PS3. However, it would be hard to miss out on this game as it looks to be one of the strongest games this month. Based on the demos and previews, The Stick of Truth looks great. In fact, it looks like an episode straight from the show, except you control the characters. Since it is South Park it isn’t surprising that Matt and Trey pushed the boundaries, resulting in a few scenes being censored in a few areas for being too explicit. Don’t worry, if you live in the US, you’ll get all of the explicit glory. South Park: The Stick of Truth releases March 4th (Today). Go get it’s 14 hours of obnoxious RPG.



I watched my boyfriend play the beta almost non stop a few weeks ago. While some people liked to complain that it was pretty much Call of Duty. I’d beg to differ. Yes, it shared similar elements to CoD because it is a shooter, but that’s it. Any shooter is relatively similar to others. Titanfall is as unique as a standard shooter can be. The mechanics seem relatively solid and the gameplay looks engaging as people are able to jump from fight as a person to having that person jump into a titan to control it. Even better there are a number of titans and gear and so much more that weren’t offered in the beta. It seems there will be a lot of things to explore. What I’m most intrigued by is Respawn’s claim that there is a multiplayer story line for the players to experience. I’m curious how that will work from match to match if they aren’t done sequentially. Titanfall releases March 11th.

inFamous: Second Son
I’ve been long waiting for the next installment of the inFamous franchise. It wasn’t just an opportunity to remain in the inFamous world filled with conduits, but to explore with a new character other than Cole McGrath. Second Son picks up with Delsin Rowe a conduit that seemed to survive the conduit rapture and has smoke abilities. The game is set in Seattle and looks absolutely beautiful. Second Son seems to be utilizing the power of the PS4 (at least beginning to). The textures looks intense and the detail is gorgeous as all the demos and previews have looked stunning. It will be great to finally get my hands on the game and explore the world to see all the detail that was added into the game. inFamous: Second Son releases March 21st.

Shailene Woodley as Tris Prior

Shailene Woodley as Tris Prior

I’ve read the book. I liked the book, but I didn’t love the book. That said, the book set up an interesting world that seemed perfect for the screen. Unfortunately, Divergent is another YA novel turned movie, which means it stands a very good chance of failing. Considering there are more failures than successes the odds are not in the favor of Divergent. While time will tell whether it is a strong enough film to make it, based on the story it requires strong actors. Much of the film deals with fear and while there are physical manifestations of fear, how much of an impact it has depends on the story telling. Divergent releases March 21st.

Muppets Most Wanted
Who can resist the Muppets. Their return to form a couple years ago was a huge bout of fun. This film looks to be serving up even more fun in the form of criminal subterfuge. With an evil Kermit look a like and Tina Fey as a Russian prison warden I’m sold. Hopefully the film will be filled with the same lightness and smart humor that I remember from my childhood and that the last movie had. Muppets Most Wanted releases March 21st.

The weekend of March 21st looks like it’ll be rather busy. What are you most excited for in the month of March?

2 thoughts on “March Releases

  1. I’m quite excited for South Park and Titanfall. I didn’t realize South Park wasn’t coming to Xbox One, so I’ll probably end up playing the PC version once I’m able to download it (away from home with limited internet for a few weeks).


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