Arrow – The Promise

We picked up exactly where we left off with Slade Wilson in Oliver’s house to assist Moira on her campaign. The tension and lies in that room was outrageous. Slade is willing to do anything to bring down and destroy Oliver. The real question is if he knows what he’s doing getting involved with Moira. Moira is a dangerous woman even if she likes to pretend that she isn’t. The real question is if Slade knows what he’s mixing himself up in by associating with Moira. The moment Moira left Ollie and Slade alone, Oliver tried to pull a fast one and stab Slae, but was stopped. Slade’s not going anywhere, in fact, he wants to meet the whole family.

Roy, Diggle, and Sara

Roy, Diggle, and Sara

The rest of the team in real time is doing something odd. Roy is training with Sara and sucking at archery. While Felicity was out with Diggle with tons of bags. Oddly, she left her phone in the warehouse even though she seemed to be out for a while. Even stranger when she answered the phone to realize that Oliver may have butt dialed, she stayed on the phone and put it on speaker rather than hanging up. I’m glad she did, but it didn’t feel like a realistic series of events. The only real advantage Team Hood has is that Roy is also mirakuru charged. Unfortunately, Roy isn’t nearly as trained as the well seasoned Slade. It didn’t matter because all the extra muscle added to the place made Slade back off a bit.

The rest of the episode was mostly focused on the flashbacks with a few trips back to the scene with Slade and the Queens. Our time on the island, unsurprisingly, focused not only on Oliver training, but the conflict between Oliver and Slade. The focus was still on attacking Ivo to stop him. They are all very focused on bringing him down. It was interesting that Oliver was interested in the mirakuru drug. While Sara thought Slade would be against destroying mirakuru if they can’t stop Ivo, he comletely agreed it needed to be done. Sara is a real instigator and insists that Oliver kills Ivo. If Slade learns that Shado’s death was a ripple effect of Oliver saving Sara over Shado, Slade would snap. In many ways, she is completely right. Slade’s heart belonged to Shado, even if they were never together. He’d do anything and Oliver can’t give Ivo the chance to turn Slade against them. As they prepare for their attack, it doesn’t seem like they are positive they will succeed. Everyone except Slade that is.

Of all the moments in the episode one of the strongest was Oliver’s dream of seeing Shado. She laid it out and stated that he chose sara over him. Then she proceeded to stab him repeatedly as she shouted “Why?”. It doesn’t take a genius to recognize all the regret he feels. He loved Shado and while he may not have been the one to kill her, his choice did.

Slade Wilson

Slade Wilson

The episode introdued Reverend Thomas Flynn, a man Ivo saved and offered to help him if he would do the last rites for a dying man. Now Flynn is locked in on of Ivo’s cells on his boats. Despite being locked up, he’s rather optimistic. I was glad that he was not only freed, but he also helped Sara out when she needed a hand.

On Ivo’s boat, Oliver is captured intentionally. He goes through the Ivo’s place including meeting the reverend. However, it’s Oliver’s encounter with Ivo that was most interesting. Ivo uses a truth serum on him to get the answers that he wants from Oliver. When Ivo learns that his capture was on purpose he abandons Oliver who was able to reunite with Slade and Sara. It was full scaled anarchy on the freighter as things opened up. Just before Oliver came in to kill Ivo, we got Ivo’s first moment of vulnerability, followed by Slade learning what happened. Slade’s outburst and Ivo’s manipulation played out just how Sara predicted.

The shot of Sara speaking straight into the camera and blankly saying that Slade is going to kill Oliver and his entire family felt odd.

Slade’s promise was that he won’t kill Oliver until Oliver knows complete despair.

What did you think of the episode?

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