The Tomorrow People – Enemy of My Enemy

This week we got to see more of Jed’s emotions. Jed was truly torn up at the thought of losing Stephen. Jed may not trust him, but he sure as heck still cares about him.

Stephen and Julian

Stephen and Julian

Julian returned in all of his evil glory. However, he was quickly caught by Ultra. Jed decided not to depower him, but use him to locate the tomorrow people. Julian being the sick sick man that he is, agreed to help and hunt Cara down. It worked out for both of them, but to make sure Julian cooperated, Jed installed him with a brain bomb. Julian was still perfectly eager to take down Cara. Julian is one of those deliciously awful characters that is interesting and has a lot of potential stories as he tries to mess with the tomorrow people. He would do anything to make Cara’s life miserable. Not to mention, he’s a new breed of tomorrow person who enjoys injuring people the best they possibly can. Unfortunately, Julian wasnot long for the show as he pissed off the wrong people while he had a bomb in his brain. That bomb went boom and Julian is no more. As a result, we lost a strong character that could hae brought more to the table.

John and Cara

John and Cara

The relationships on the show just don’t feel right. I’ve talked about this before, but the pairings that this show is pushing don’t work very well. John is endlessly devoted to Cara. Sure, he admitted that things changed between the two of them after what happened. While the flashbacks again showed us a little more about John and Cara’s relationship it wasn’t enough to really save their dynamic. The flashbacks highlighted that John was willing to help a resistant Cara even after she refused his help. Repeatedly she discounted him and didn’t want to associate with another tomorrow person, until John finally won her over. I’m starting to question if Cara ever has been a nice empathetic woman. Despite Cara’s headstrong attitude, that isn’t the main issue with the John and Cara relationship. The lack of chemistry is the major issue. Cara and John talk the talk and even walk the walk, but I just don’t believe it. The tension isn’t there. The excitement isn’t there. If they want to keep Cara and John as the major relationship of the show, they need to find the chemistry.

This will be especially important when there are pairings like John and Astrid that have infinitely more chemistry and they aren’t even together. Heck, John is still devoted to Cara and only sees Astrid as a friend, yet he comes off as more interesting in Astrid. The relationship between John and Astrid smokes John and Cara. When the two relationships are shown in the same episode it becomes even more apparent.

What did you think of the episode?

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