Helix – Fushigi

While it is sad and important to the story that Sarah is sick. It also feels like they aren’t focusing their priorities taking time off their work with vectors to find out what is going on with her. Impending death seems to be giving Sarah a new perspective on things as she doesn’t accuse Hatake of being evil bit affirming that his acts can still be redeemed with the cure. Hatake did his part by pointing out a key element that could help save Sarah’s life. Unfortunately, its not in time to save her from another seizure.


Julia and Alan

Julia is still having daddy issues, while Hatake refuses to give her a straight answer. This is a huge blow to Julia. Hatake’s been monitoring her entire life even after she was cast out. He may be a bad father, but he is her father. Alan just sounds stupid making accusations and throwing insults when he knows nothing of what is happening between them. He’s an outside party. Hatake cares about Julia and ignoring that diminishes a huge part of his character. Hatake is a corrupt hero. He’s the nicest bad guy of the bunch, but he doesn’t want to be bad.

Alan and Julia went off to confront the man who stole the virus specimen. They managed to get it back but ended up holed up in a shack, their victim dead. Somehow while they were being fired at, they managed to relive and fight and make up. It seemed rather ridiculous that they were talking about the moment they knew their marriage was over as they were under gunfire. As the talked and crept their way to finding a lower level free from fire, the secual tension was there. In the basement level, they found a man with the same silver eyes singing to himself with a low clank of his chains. This guy was straight up creepy as he sang Noel. He knows about Sutton though and that means he knows more that can help them. it makes sense to learn more from him, ignoring his existence would be foolish. More and more I’m questioning Farragut. He’s been locked up for 29 years and hates Hatake with a passion. He kept begging for his freedom, but he was talking about death, not getting out of his chains.

There was a great moment that would have been deus ex machina if they hadn’t set up Daniel’s involvement in his end of the situation earlier on. As Julia and Alan are held hostage at gunpoint.

The 500 are the people the man in the basement spoke of. They learned that he was one of the 500 hundred. Even more terrifying, Hatake revealed that the 500 hundred are immortals. They are the people who run Ilaria. It’s quite terrifying, but also suggests why there has been so much decapitation. Are the silver eyes and indication that they are an immortal, meaning that Julia and Hatake are immortals. They seem to be outside of the Ilaria system, leading me to beleve that perhaps is an immortal, but isn’t supposed to be.

Alan and Julia

Alan and Julia

Ballaseros is still with Anana and Daniel, though he’s injured. Apparently the slaughter they caused on Ilaria soldiers, wasn’t well documented. One of the soldiers survived and managed to get away, stealing the snow mobile. It’s both add and satisfying to see Daniel and Ballaseros working together. They don’t want this town who was mean to be there to be destroyed by Ilaria and they will do anything to stop it. For Daniel it isn’t that strange. Those are his people even if he doesn’t feel the affiliation. It is his brother and sister in the town so it makes sense that he wouldn’t just gie them up for dead. He isn’t evil. It’s a bit stranger that Ballaseros was so eager to help these people. In some ways he saw something in them that he once was. It wasn’t so surprising when Anana called him out for that. There was no reason Ballaseros should help them. And then they kissed. The sexual tension had been building since they first met, but unfortunately it doesn’t redeem Ballaseros just yet.

One of the strange things I’ve noticed on the show is the severe lack of other characters. We focus almost entirely on our main and secondary cast, but we don’t even really see others moving around in the background. we know they are there, but they have just vanish from the show over the past few episodes.

Oh and Peter’s Julia shrine is kind of creepy.

What did you think of the episode?

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