Once Upon A Time in Wonderland – Nothing to Fear

Let’s be honest, I completely forgot that Once Upon a time was coming back for the rest of the season. The show just isn’t as strong as it could be. ABC een admitted that they should have stuck to the original plan and aired the show in the gap between Once Upon a Time.



Will is now a genie and who found his bottle, but Lizard. She seems quite fond that she’s the one who’s his master. For a genie he’s a swearing prat who has better things to do. He’s not particularly good at being a genie. Lizard wants Will to fall in love with her, but since that wish can’t be done, she tries to do anything she can to please him. Lizard allows will to use one of her wishes as his own. He promptly decides to wish for beer, for everyone in the village.

Alice is finally with Cyrus, she’s quite happy. Alice as a character isn’t particularly likeable, to me at least. Everything is now fine and dandy for her except that Will has taken Cyrus’ place as a genie. Considering someone she considered a good friend and who has helped her through her adventure through wonderland, she doesn’t seem to care much about will. Sure, she wants to save will from the bottle, but not because she feels bad, but because she feels obligated. Even as Will is gone, she comes off as more invested in her relationship with Cyrus, who is no safe, rather than a friend in danger.



Alice doesn’t want to acknowledge that Anastasia only wants and cares about getting Will back. Sure, Anastasia isn’t one to be trusted blindly, she’s proved she doesn’t deserve that. Alice’s hostility after what Anastasia did to help Alice is a bit unfounded. She deserves a bit of slack. Heck, when Anastasia is captured, Alice assumes that she’s run off and done something awful. Alice isn’t able to see straight in the rage. Alice is taking the times she was manipulated by Anastasia and her role is Cyrus’ capture to far. Even Cyrus thinks she is overreacting, but rather than taking a step back and thinking things through, realizing that Anastasia will be useful finding Will, she lashes out.

If Cyrus hadn’t stepped in, Alice would have let Anastasia burn at the hands of the villagers. But Cyrus pointed out that not saving her would make them no better than her. That seemed to spark Alice in to motion and rather than saving Anastasia, they ended up strung up just like Anastasia. After managing to escape,

The tension between Jafar and his father is great. Jafar is truly a despicable character. He plays things over the top and rationalizes things in hi own perverse way. However, his father has a good point, Jafar is undeserving of the throne. He’s a devious man and kills people without a thought. Anastasia may be selfish and will do anything to please herself, she isn’t a completely awful person. That can’t be said for Jafar.

What did you think of the episode?

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