The Vampire Diaires – Gone Girl

I reviewed The Vampire Diaries “Gone Girl” at Geeked Out Nation. Here’s an excerpt.

Gone GirlIt took Nadia getting bit by Tyler and beginning to die for Katherine to finally show some care for Nadia. Unwilling to let her daughter die, she enlists the help of Wes. He claims that he can use Nadia’s poisoned blood to synthesize a cure from the venom coursing through her. It didn’t prove beneficial as Nadia was taken from the chapel before she could be cured, not that it could have ever happened. I almost felt triumphant when it was revealed that I was right and Wes was never going to help Nadia. He was in it for the research to harness the werewolf blood. Wes had a singular driven mind, thinking he would do anything else than benefit himself was foolish. Katherine may have been desperate to ask for his help, but the idea that he ever would help was ludicrous.

To read the full review check it out here.

What did you think of the episode?

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