Agents of SHIELD – Yes Men

Lorelai is in the mix and already causing trouble. She’s stealing men and showing her fascination with motorcycles and bad boys. Lorelai is all bad news bears. The team learns that the Asgardians will be making a landing again. Our SHIELD team is out to be the welcome wagon. Fitz was able to confirm that the Asgardian that had arrived was at the New Mexico event and was identified as a friendly. And thus we had our first movie Asgardian in the form of Lady Sif.



Lorelai is beyond a danger as she has the ability to manipulate men to do her bidding with the sound of her voice. While some men can resist, her touch overcomes that temporary hinderance. However, her abilities can only impact men. We see this in action when the woman who own the bar she was in with the biker gang. When the female bar owner comes in angry that her husband had given Lorelai her clothes and holed up in her bar (he even said she was nothing compared to Lorelai), Lorelai order him to kill her. He did it without hesitation or remorse.

The first confrontation between Lady Sif and Lorelai was a great scene. The action was well choregraphed and it was great seeing Lady Sif’s strength in comparison to the human men. She tossed multiple men clear across the room. However the fight ended when Ward was cornered by Lorelai. he was just the warrior she needed and he may have resisted, but her touch did the trick. Considering the team knew that Lorelai could control men it seems rather foolish that they sent a man in knowing this was a possiblity. As a result, I don’t think they should have felt shocked when he disappeared. With ward under her control he took her to Vegas where they hooked up.

Coulson and Lady Sif

Coulson and Lady Sif

It was great seeing Lady Sif in our world. She has the same steely confusion about the things of midgard. Her reaction to finding out Coulson being alive was great. Despite the strange things she sees on midgard, our technology was still antiquated. She shuffles through the technology finding what she needs as Coulson picks her brain. Through this, she imparts various blue people that could have been the inhabitant of the tube we saw last week. Although it was briefly mentioned, she did include Kree. We also saw a great moment of May and Lady Sif bonding over being female warriors. They are both strong women and it was even better seeing them work as a team.

The final fight sequence on the plane as Larelai tried to use Ward and Fitz to commandeer the plane was great. Every beat felt fight as the scene progressed. From Lorelai telling May that she wasn’t who Ward truly desired. May having to bounce back and immediately dealing with having to fight him was rough. Ward would have done anything to kill May because it was Lorelai’s will. While she later said it wasn’t a big deal, you could tell that she did hurt. Meanwhile, Lady Sif and Lorelai’s fight was also great as they sparred before Sif got the upperhand.

May, Ward, and Fitz

May, Ward, and Fitz

Skye is finally feeling better which means the team can stop obsessing over her. Simmons is like a mother hen watching over Skye while Ward is the hardass with reassurances. Coulson is still keeping his secrets, but finally informed her that what was injected in her was alien. Coulson is really upset about what is in him and her. Skye is relieved and just happy that it resulted in her being alive. Coulson is determined to get answers and he’s going to do it alone with Skye, the rest of the team can not know.

Simmons is hard at work trying to figure out what is going on with Skye and what this miracle cure really is. She wants to find out what is going on because it has the potential of saving a lot of lives. Unfortunately, Coulson is shutting her down and there isn’t enough of the sample in the vial. Coulson is firm on this, but Simmons wasn’t about to stop it without a fight. Coulson makes a good point, they had to kill two men to get the drug(which Coulson doesn’t feel good about) and that means it was being hidden for a reason. He’s not making any mores until he hears from Fury. Fitz on the other hand doesn’t see it as quite as important. The experiences he has been going through is making him steadily more capable of handling himself in the field and also breaking out of his smarty pants role. it’s an interesting way to improve his character. Although I hope they do start infusing more of his happy demeanor and not go overboard on the brooding.

What did you think of the episode?

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