Once Upon A Time In Wonderland – Dirty Little Secrets

The episode began with a flashback of Cyrus with his brother’s gambling in Agraba. The scene really highlighted just how cocky Cyrus was before his life went to hell. It was nice to see who his brother’s were considering we just learned last episode that they were the other genies in bottles. His brother’s thought of Cyrus as reckless as he nearly lost their mother’s compass in a bet. Thankfully, he managed to keep it in his possession. However, good luck wasn’t long lasting as the brothers discovered their home on fire. While the fire was stopped, their mom was seriously injured. Instead they decided that they needed help from the woman at the well of wonders. At the well they met Nix the guardian of the well of wonders. At the well, they learn only those whose fates have not already been written. Nix warned them that they can not use the water, if they do not they will pay the price. Cyrus insists that they ignore the warning, despite his brothers’ disapproval.

Dirty Little SecretsWith the water from the well, Cyrus and his brother’s were able to save his mother though it almost didn’t work. The big twist of saving her life was the reveal that Cyrus’ mother is Amara, the same woman who trained and loved Jafar, only to betrayed by him. It brings the whole story together in a bigger way. If the desire to bring down Jafar wasn’t strong enough. Cyrus will feel even worse for causing all this. If his mother had died like she was supposed to, Cyrus and his brothers would have never been genies and Jafar wouldn’t be in the position he’s in now.

In the present, the group realizes that since Cyrus wasn’t always a . They split up with Alice an Cyrus going for the Well of Wonders and Will and Anastasia trying to get far away to keep Will from Jafar. The path to the Well of Wonders is blocked by two doors. With no way around, they must choose the correct door or risk dying. Alice is quick witted as the show has proven to us multiple times and she figures out that the gatekeeper is a liar. With this knowledge she was able to choose the right door. At the Well, Cyrus pleads for an end to his curse. Nix informs Cyrus if he returns the water the curse will be lifted. That means getting to Jafar and his snake staff that is the spirit of Amara.

With the Jabberwocky working for Jafar, it is bad news for all of Wonderland. While we know the Jabberwocky, pulled the eyes out of Lizard’s dead body we haven’t had any real indication as to why everyone seems to fear her. We know she preys on fear, but it isn’t until she sneaks up on Anastasia that we really see her effect. Anastasia is hardly scared. So her reaction to the Jabberwocky sneaking up behind her back and disappearing before finally making herself known had a real impact. Despite Anastasia’s fear she stabbed the Jabberwocky.  No ordinary sword can hurt the Jabberwocky and Anastasia is quickly knocked out.

Dirty Little SecretsWhen Anastasia wakes up, she and Will are tied up in one of Jafar’s cages. The Jabberwocky broke her and left nothing left. In the end Anastasia gave up and made her wishes allowing Jafar control of Will’s bottle. When her tweedle emerged to break her out it was heartbreaking as she admitted her failure.

Anastasia’s progress as a character is by far the most fascinating. She is really trying to prove that she can be a better person. She wants to be selfless and really do good for Wonderland, but every where she turns she’s being met with doubt. It’s rather unfortunate that she isn’t shown any support. Will however does seem the most lenient, but also the most harsh. Anastasia is by far my favorite character on the show. I hope she can make a cross over onto the main Once Upon A Time. As the Jabberwocky tortured both her and Will until she was nearly broken for a moment I thought she could hold out and prevent Jafar from getting what he wanted. Unfortunately, she was too far broken.

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