Helix – Black Rain

The vectors, led by the lovely Peter Farragut, are still causing all sorts of problems. He managed to lure a hungry woman in for his vectors to capture. they aren’t just going after people on Level R, those people are long lost. Instead, the vectors are laying their attack on the uninfected floors. It was a disgusting scene as we saw the uninfected scientists corralled into a room. It was supposed to be for their safety, but when Peter pumps vector blood into the water system that was sprayed into the room shit hit the fan. Now everyone in the room is infected. the shots of the scientists writhing in agony as they realized what was happening to them and for the change to begin taking effect. It was a great segment that managed to up the stakes for our remaining CDC crew.

Meanwhile, Sarah is still on her death bed. She is recovering well though now that she has Julia’s cerebro-spinal fluid in her. It worked so well that by the time we reached the mid point of the episode, we actually learned that Sarah was back on her feet. It’s impressive that her tumor shrunk and she was begging to work so quickly. In the process, she managed to make a suggestion that would help them deliver a cure to the vectors. Thankfully, her idea had been hinted at earlier in the season otherwise it would have seemed far too convenient.

Black Rain Hatake is not in a good mood and his status as what we can presume is an immortal is what allows him to be feared by the vectors. Despite increased strength, vectors are still human, they can still be killed. the immortals are immune to them. Hatake is more worried about the impending war with Ilaria. It isn’t a surprise that Hatake has yet another hidden level below the base. This one is a bomb shelter of sorts with an escape tunnel. This base seems to have endless levels and the constant reveal is starting to feel foolish. Another plus was that we’d already seen this lower level, which was the cabin Julia grew up in.

Hatake’s interpersonal relationships are almost as ridiculous as the endless levels of the base. We know that Hatake loves Julia because she is his daughter. She is his birth daughter. They truly are family. But Daniel/Miksa is also his son. In this case, not by birth. Instead, Miksa is his adopted son and he clearly loves him as his own. Even as Daniel rightfully spouts hateful words toward Hatake, Hatake espouses his love for Daniel. Some of the extra hatred Daniel started shouting about after learning Julia is Hatake’s birth daughter was a bit excessive.

We finally got a glimpse at all the people still on the base. What was once people in the hundreds with a good half of them uninfected, we are now down to 20 survivors. Despite this total devastation, Alan is still far too worried about the vectors. Vectors which are abducting people. Hatake made a good point that the vectors are harming, maiming, and killing people to accomplish their goals. The vectors function with an awareness that makes it clear that they are not innocents.

Julia and Hatake teamed up to deliver the cure to the vectors. Now they have bays of people that are healing from this disease. this includes Peter who is feeling better. With the vectors finally not a problem, Ilaria arrives to mess everything up. They send out drones to distract Daniel, Alan, and Hatake. Proving that he loves his son, Hatake pushes Daniel out of the way of an explosion, getting burned in the process. That’s when they realize that Ilaria was going straight for the base.

What did you think of the episode?

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