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Ollie is feeling a lot of Shado guilt lately. He;s having dreams and hallucinations of a dead Shado and the first thing he does is call his Russian friend. Oliver should have known better than to mess with a Russian, but he didn’t have time for any bullshit and took down the guards.


John Diggle and Lyla Michaels

John Diggle and Lyla Michaels

I love interactions between Felicity and Diggle. you can really tell that they care for each other a lot without it ever veering into a will they won’t they. Instead Felicity can stroll out of her house in her jammies and it just feels natural. We’ve seen this before with Diggle reaffirming to Felicity that she is good at what she does.

Diggle is called in by Amanda Waller for a mission along with his ex-wife and new girlfriend, Lyla. Their target is Gholem Khadir a man who he helped bring in years ago with Lyla. He’d been released by the DoD and he’d been the one trying to by the earthquake machine from a few episodes back. Amanda Waller informs them that the two of them are tasked to get their team in and get out, stopping Khadir. His team is comprised of Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, and Shrapnel.  Deadshot assures them it’s not a normal tea, but the Suicide Squad. Oh and the theories that Harley was there are totally true. We heard Harley’s upbeat voice offer her help as a trained therapist before Amanda Waller ordered her to shut up. It sent chills down my spine to hear Harley.

The flashbacks this week focused on Diggle and his time in Afghanistan with Lyla. In particular, we focused on the first encounter with Khadir. It progressed from them discovering he was in their traveling party to. The real draw was the emotional journey Diggle went through. Diggle’s reaction to learning that one of the shooters attacking his party was just a kid was great. Diggle is emotional, while that isn’t quite true for Lyla.

Diggle is not too fond of the idea of the Suicide Squad. He sees what he does with Ollie as completely different that what they do, but he agreed to go along with it. Each of the team members have their code names. We already know some of the code names, but we learned Lyla is Harbinger, Amanda is Mockingbird, and Diggle is Freelancer. For the most part the team works well, accomplishing what they needed to, but Shrapnel decided to run off. He learned the hard way that when Waller sent the order for Shrapnel to blow. Shrapnel’s death rattled Diggle, while it left Lyla unfazed.



Surprisingly, Diggle and Deadshot had a moment of bonding despite Diggle’s animosity. It is rather one sided, as Deadshot doesn’t seem to be rather peeved by their interaction. Then again, for Deadshot, killing his brother was all business. Even still, Diggle learned that Deadshot does everything for his daughter who he puts money in a trust for but makes sure he stays out of her life. Deadshot realizes he’s no good for her, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his daughter. It was just the connection that Diggle needed to feel upset and be motivated to help save Deadshot when Amanda Waller gave the command to leave both Bronze Tiger, Deadshot, and all the party’s guests for dead. With the help of Lyla, Diggle got them out and the drone following them off their back. Needless to say, Waller wasn’t too pleased with Diggle’s actions.

Ollie’s journey this week was rather personal as he tried to seek out an end to his predicament with Deathstroke. Everyone he cares about is in danger now that Slade has revealed himself. This is causing Oliver sleepless nights and he wants nothing more than to kill Slade for good. While I generally love seeing conflicted Oliver, I felt like this really detracted from the real appeal of the episode which was Diggle and the Suicide Squad. It didn’t help that not much was actually accomplished in Ollie’s story line this week.

What did you think of the episode?

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