Comics & Manga

I’ve only been in to comics and manga for the past 10 to 11 years. Even now, I can’t stop reading stories presented in this manner. For one the ability to see the story visually depicted yet still be able to delve into their minds like in novels. It’s fascinating how they can pull you in, while the serial nature of them can keep you coming back for more.


Marvel Now Magneto 1

Marvel Now Magneto 1

Depending on the genre and story, these can be long sprawling stories or episodic journeys. Most of the manga journeys I read have an end in mind and come to a close. Thus we get to experience a long journey that can span years. One of the best things about manga is a look into a culture separate from my own. Yes, these are dramatizations and far exaggerated from reality, but they retain a realness that is unique to that culture. Getting to see a little peak into what is considered interesting or an entertaining story in a different culture is fascinating. Even more so, you get to see the similarities between the two. I also enjoy the heart that is present in many of the stories I read.

Now with comics, the stories are generally told as arcs. We get story arcs that will play out over a few few issues and then we move on. Comics thrive on their characters. If people don’t find the characters interesting it’s hard to keep the comic going because of it’s nature. It’s also part of the reason comics will get canceled before there is a resolution to a major plot seed that was implanted previously.

The real reason I love comics and can’t get enough of them, is because they transport me out of the day to day world. For a little bit, I’m completely absorbed in a story that is grandiose and entertaining. I can appreciate the art and with comics the artists can change relatively frequently.

Do you enjoy comics and/or manga? What is your favorite?

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