The 100 – “Pilot”

the show doesn’t hesitate, but jumps right into what is happening. Within minutes we learn that the Earth was bombed past the point of being livable. We also learn that any crime is punishable, but juveniles get locked up rather than a death sentence. Of the people living on the space station, they decide that the juvenile delinquents are the perfect group to go down to earth and see if the world will be inhabitable. It was great that within five minutes of the show, two of the 100 were already dead.

Clarke and Wells

Clarke and Wells

Clarke is the main character on the show and she’s a bit preachy. She tells people what they need to do and seems to love to monologue. She is the epitome of the Debbie Downer, who while reasonable and rational, comes across as entirely emotionless. It’s hard to believe that she would ever get locked up for any reason as the rules seem to be her friend. It also didn’t seem to make sense that her friend, Wells, would commit a crime just to go be with Clarke on Earth. Which doesn’t make much sense considering Wells was the who got her father killed. Actually, none of Wells’ actions make much sense including his dedication to following the rules and keeping on the wristlets. One of the other protagonists, Octavia, was the second child, a crime that is punishable by death. Octavia is much more of a free spirit who wants to embrace and live life. It makes sense considering she spent the majority of her life hidden. She wants to rebel and finally be free, but she comes off as no better than the delinquents on the ship.

The reveal that the animals were horribly mutated was nice, but had been effectively ruined in the trailers. The deer was there as a sign of hope, that maybe life could survive, but they were met by a horrific deer with two faces melded together. The group doesn’t seem to be too traumatized by this mutation. Their tune changes when a water creature drags Octavia under the water. It was dragging her and pulling her under by her leg. Considering these are people who don’t know how to swim, I’m surprised that Octavia is dead from drowning. If drowning wouldn’t kill her, I’d have thought being dragged around by a large water beast would leave a bit more damage than she sustained. Even still, I choose to suspend my disbelief.

Octavia and Bellamy

Octavia and Bellamy

Our story doesn’t seem to exist solely on the newly inhabited Earth, but also back on one of the 12 stations. Back on the station, they are losing life support. In fact, it was the reason Clarke was locked up and her father killed. Their station can only sustain itself for another three months, but with the 100 gone, they can bump that to four. However, that isn’t enough time for the scientists to fix the flaw int he system. They will need to kill hundreds more people to  stay alive in space. Kelly Hu and Alessandro Juliani also made appearances on the show.

The most interesting prospect of the show actually came within the last few moments. We learned that there are people still on Earth and they are out to kill the 100.

What did you think of the episode?


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