Helix – The Reaping

Sara’s silver eyes and new status as a immortal is eerie. No one seems to be paying it any mind, but certainly one must confront what is happening to her. She went from looking at a few weeks of life to now being immortal. Both Sarah and Julia seem to be excited about their new found lease on life.

Daniel Aerov

Daniel Aerov

We learned a lot about the immortals. Forever they will be the same age they currently are. It’s proof onsider Hatake was born in 1501, making him 513 years old. That is ridiculously old. It seems that unless and immortal is actually killed, they will live forever. Even wounds heal far faster than a normal human as Hatake’s burns are nearly entirely healed hours later.

Anana is putting a hell of a lot of trust in Ballaseros considering he isn’t a good man. Thankfully, the show acknowledges it and has Toluk address the matter with his sister. He’s a very protective brother and confronts Ballaseros, telling him to leave if he actually cares about her.

So the murderous Scythe is on the loose in the base. He already killed an elevator of innocent people and he’s on to Hatake and his methods. However, he was finally rattled when on of his lackeys showed him footage of Hatake killing Sutton, who is his mother. Now he’s not just out to kill them for Ilaria, he’s out to avenge his mother. He is good at murder, but we spent a lot of the episode with him just watching the cameras and making angry threats. He did realize that Hatake had a daughter and decides he needs to know more about her. Apparently it’s an anomaly amongst the 500.

Alan and Peter Farragut

Alan and Peter Farragut

The way the group handles their planning is a bit lackadaisical. They know that Scythe and his team are in the base, but they still talk freely as though they aren’t being watched. They should be a bit more cautious, especially since they found the elevator of dead scientists. They play right into what Spencer wants. Instead they want to hide, which most are in agreement with except for Alan. At least until Spencer sends Julia’s finger down as a warning. Daniel’s reaction to Hatake wanting to give himself up was odd. He wouldn’t let Hatake go, but if he hated him as much as he says he’d let him go. Daniel has some serious daddy issues that he needs to work out. By the end of it all, Hatake got his wish and went to Spencer, even begged for his life to be taken instead of Julia’s. When Spencer reveals that he has both his son and his daughter rigged up, Hatake can only chose one.

I have to mention sibling bonding moments. First we had Toluk and Anana, as they bickered like siblings. For them it was natural. It felt awkward to see Julia to tell Daniel that he could treat her like a sister. Instead of embracing Julia, who has done nothing wrong to him, he shoved it in a face that he already has a sister. it’s just rather strange considering he knows Anana just about as well as Julia. While Julia may not be his biological sister and she may be the reason he was abducted, but it wasn’t her fau;t. It would have been nice to see them embrace each other as they were both wronged by Hatake in some way. It was also nice seeing Alan and Peter interact. Peter is a far happier, more enjoyable character than his brother. Considering they both loved the same woman, they are probably the most sane sibling pairing in the entire episode.

Hiroshi Hatake

Hiroshi Hatake

Let’s be honest, the final moment of Daniel accepting his father was tremendous. Possibly because of the high stake. Possibly because Daniel realized that his father couldn’t make such an impossible decision that he made it for him. Daniel gave up his life rather than making him lose them both. It was quick and you almost didn’t realize that what happened was real. Daniel loved Hatake so he made the sacrifice that he realized Hatake would have made for him.

What did you think of the episode?

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