The Vampire Diaries – While You Were Sleeping

Check out my review of the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries. Here’s an excerpt.

While You Were SleepingElena is going through some weird PTSD after being locked in her own body without having control. her dreams are haunting her about her friends not realizing that Katherine was possessing her body. Thankfully her conscious mind didn’t have to sit through that agony and she didn’t remember being locked in her own body. Waking up locked in her dorm probably wasn’t the best wake up call, but she handles it well. At least she realizes that she has a thirst for her vampire friends. Unfortunately, the ripper virus that Elena has is more dangerous than the one Damon has. The virus Elena has is laced with werewolf blood, which makes her want to feed on vampires and is slowly killing her.

Check out the whole review here.

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