Game Addiction: inFAMOUS Second Son

There are some people who truly suffer from game addiction. I’m not here to offer any suggestion on help. If you suffer from serious video game addiction I suggest that you get help to better your life. What I’m really here to talk about is more like video game infatuation. It happens to me every so often, there are just some games that I absolutely can not get enough of and will spend every waking moment that isn’t already devoted to something else playing that game. Some people may see it as crippling. Some people may see it as antisocial behavior. I see it as a game developer providing me with the exact experience that I wanted. It’s a great thing.

inFamous: Second Son

inFamous: Second Son

When I’m talking infatuation, I’m not talking about playing for a couple of hours a day or a week. I’m talking about playing at every waking moment. Let’s put it this way. When I woke up this morning, I immediately started playing. I did so for an hour, disrupting my normal schedule just for a little fix. What can I say, running around the city as a neon blur is kind of fun. If I didn’t claim this blog as a responsibility, I would shirk the time I spend writing here just to play more. It’s just that addicting.

What Causes Game Infatuation
This is likely to be different for everyone, but there are certain elements that cause game addiction. One of the biggest causes is great gameplay. When the mechanics in a game just feel good, you want to jump back in and play more. You want to run around the world and flex all the skills that the game has endowed you with. Another major factor is story. If the story is compelling and draws you in, it’s hard to step away from that. It’s like a good tv show, you just want to see more and know what happens next. Finally, there are characters. Much like story, if the characters you are playing with are fun and enjoyable, it makes you want to stay with them some more and see what is going on. You want to see how they react to various situations.

inFamous: Second Son

inFamous: Second Son

inFAMOUS Second Son
My most recent game infatuation is inFAMOUS Second Son. If there is a free moment for me to play the game, you can probably count on me doing it. I actual upset myself because last night I had to turn the game off to go to the gym. You may be thinking: well what makes the game so good that I can’t break away from it? The answer isn’t quite so simple, but there are a few things that I can pinpoint. For one, the gameplay is amazing. Sure, the climbing isn’t quite as good as it used to be with the first two infamous games, but with Delsin’s new powers, it isn’t generally a necessity. Speaking of the powers, they are a real treat. Throughout the game you are granted numerous powers that allow you to change up the way the game can be played. Running around Seattle with some truly awesome powers is really fun. I’ve also really enjoyed some of the uses of the trackpad on the DUALshock4. While some of it feel gimmicky, there are some uses that feel natural. The end result is a game that gets my full attention every time I sit

Are there any games you’ve been obsessed with.

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