Arrow – Birds of Prey

No time for filly dallying in this episode of Arrow as Sarah watches over her father and his team as they go into a dangerous police raid. It must be nice for Quentin to have a daughter that can look out for him. Turns out the man in charge of the shady dealings was Frank Bertinelli. It was perfect to draw in Helena Bertinelli, aka Huntress. IF you don’t remember, they had a parting of ways when the Huntress decided she wanted to be fueled by revenge and took a less than just way of dealing with people who get in her way. Helena has been leaving a trail of dead bodies in her wake as she seeks out the people who can help her closer to revenge on her father.

Birds of PreyJust when Laurel was beginning to cope with her new position as an unemployed alcoholic attending AA, she is given the opportunity to get her job back. The DA wants her to work on a case that he thought was right up Laurel’s alley. For Laurel, working may help her stay on track as she won’t be sitting hom wallowing about her lost dream job. As long as she stays on the straight and narrow it’s a good thing. Shockingly Sarah isn’t even worried about

Roy is finally getting in on the action with the others. When they realize that Huntress is on her way to the city they track down the car. Except the person behind is just some random with a gun. the guy decides to shoot Roy in the hand and it pretty much goes through him without hurting him. Ollie needs to call his wild dog down when the shooter/decoy is moments away from becoming Roy’s target practice. I thought that it was great that it was mentioning Thea and calling him speedy snapped him out of it. I guess we finally got the official that he is Speedy, even if he denies it. The big shocker was that

The flashbacks revealed Slade’s time with Oliver in captivity. Sarah on the other hand was free with the other escapees from the boat. She’s doing everything she can possibly do to get Oliver back safely. Her negotiations aren’t going that well.

Birds of PreyWhile Oliver was trying to get Laurel to safety during the Bertinelli case, Bertinelli is oddly ushered in through the front. Considering he was bait to lure Huntress out, it worked perfectly. But Huntress was prepared to be set up and surrounded and she planted her own moles within the team that start shooting at her order. Oliver manages to get Laurel out of the fire and then escorts Bertinelli out of the courthouse as Huntress attacks. While, I understand his goal to not appease the Huntress. Bertinelli is a known bad man and he left an innocent Laure inside with dangerous men. It was a stupid move on Oliver’s part.

While traditionally, the Birds of Prey worked together on a team, this incarnation has Huntress and Black Canary at odds. The two women however, are rather similar in their tactics, though Sarah is more willing to take a non-violent route than Helena. Both are strong willed women and there’s nothing to stop them from meeting their goals. While their fight was brief it was enjoyable.

Laurel’s stance to be strong for the others was an interesting turn for her character. Time and time again, we’ve seen Laurel act big only to shirk away from verious things in the end. As a result of her acts, she gets her thrown in with all the other hostages. She manages to strike a chord with Helena about losing someone they love and not being able to cope with it. Unfortunately, it isn’t enough for Helena to go back on her promise. Helena escapes with laurel at gunpoint to get her father from Oliver and Sarah in their trade.

Birds of PreyAt the end of the day, Frank Bertinelli died, but not by the Huntress and she realized her remorse for the entire situation. Also Laurel realized that she was just a show piece for the DA. The assistant DA was just pulling strings and being deceitful. She almost didn’t get her job back for real until she made it clear she’d expose the truth.

Oh and everything Roy and Thea was good, but felt like a true side story.

What did you think of the episode?

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