The 100 – Earth Skills

We picked up where we left off with the group running for their lives.

Wells appears to be the only one with morals as he finds the time to bury. Sure he steals their clothes but it’s necessary. Bellamy on the other hand is inciting chaos. He wants the world to be ludicrous and out of hand. He wants them to feel free, but that is only dangerous for everyone. As a result Wells ends up in a knife fight with Bellamy’s first in charge. But Wells got in on the fight and nearly killed his opponent, before Clarke and the group returned. More than any other character on this show, Wells is being pushed to do things he never thought he’d do. He’s already beginning to change before our eyes.

Earth SkillsClarke is still a rather unbearable person. She is preachy and ultimately unlikeable. However, she is looking out for the best for all of the people. It is high hopes and her idea that she is strong doesn’t make sense. Clarke has a good head on her shoulders and is only concerned with the continuation of human life. With Finn at her side, they are a smart pair. She can’t even enjoy finding the water. Instead she’s just a spoilsport. Finn realized that the natives didn’t attack until they crossed because it was a boundary. I’m pretty sure if Finn wasn’t around Clarke would be absolutely unbearable.

Other good news was they found Jasper. The bad news is he’s in terrible shape and strung up on a tree and is in terrible shape. I went back and looked at the injury Jasper sustained at the end of the last episode. There’s no way he’s survive for this long with a spear into the chest. Yet, there he was wheezing and alive. Even more shocking was Bellamy saving Clarke’s life.

Bellamy on the other hand is just as annoying even more so. It’s easy to like a rebel. it’s not so easy to like someone who only wants to incite chaos and we have no real understanding of why they want it. He wants the hundred to push limits that will make the Ark certain they’ve perished. Heck, he’s so confident that he believes they can take on the natives.

I do however like Monty and in some ways Octavia. While her brother was a bit of a jerk, Octavia is one of the most endearing characters. Monty on the other hand just comes across as likeable, rather than cold or stupid. On a show with so many downright unlikeable characters its good having at least a few people to root for.

Earth SkillsThe secondary on the story line is all about the same thing it was last week, minus the chancellor attack. Everyone is still trying to find a way to deal with their impending death and understand exactly what is going on down on earth. While the actors are intriguing, again it’s hard to actually like the characters, other than Clarke’s mother that is. We also met a new character, raven, this week who had a boyfriend with the hundred and realizes the council is hiding things. Namely the fact that 100 people were no longer on the Ark. It was Raven that realized the hundred were taking off the bands.

The one thing I’m confused about is the timeline. The chancellor was shot, operated on, recovering, and now in seemingly good health since the hundred were dispatched. How much time has passed? Based on the events we’ve seen on earth, no more than one night has passed. That’s the speediest recovery I’ve ever seen. Or the timeline is a bit wonky.

What did you think of the episode?


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