Why I Want The Tomorrow People Back for Season 2

Let’s be honest, The Tomorrow People is on shaky ground when it comes to a renewal for its second season. But it isn’t for a lack of trying, concept, or characters. The Tomorrow People is a good show, but nowadays shows can’t just be good they need to be great. Thankfully, The Tomorrow People has proven that it has the potential to be great. Stellar episodes and intense moments prove that it can be the show we want it to be. Since the show reemerged after its brief midseason break, it came back as a better composed show. Many, but not all of the kinks had been worked out. And guess what I started caring about some of the characters I previously thought were mindless drones.


John escapes Ultra

What the Show Does Right
While there are mishaps on the show, there are some really great things that happen on the show. For one the effects look great. One would think that the depiction of their powers would begin to degrade over time as the budget decreased. Instead, you are given taste morsels of movement within their world. This leads to some very entertaining action sequences. Action is one of the things The Tomorrow People does best. Nearly every episode we are treated to an action piece at are always a joy to watch as they never become confusing. The show also knows how to do villains well, generally. While their are times that our antagonists are a bit heavy handed and we don’t see any real difference in behavior. Then we have Jed. If you don’t know Jed is all sorts of amazing because he’s both deliciously evil and incredibly complex. He was the main reason I came back to the show each weak in the beginning.

Why and How the Show Should Come Back
The Tomorrow People has proved that as a high concept show it’s able to deliver. Not only that, but it’s world has many possibilities that we’ve only begun to scratch the surface. Even if Ultra is taken down, there are enemies within their own people. Not to mention the threat of their abilities going public. Their powers have rules that could make them potential targets to uncaring and scared humans. All the possibilities are racing through my mind. You don’t see a whole lot of shows that have so much potential to expand before they fail to be natural progression.

SuperheroWhile, I believe The Tomorrow People should come back for another season I think it needs to come back in a different format. No, I don’t mean change up the entire show. I mean rather than a 22 episode season, it should be a 13 episode season. This gives the show a shorter time frame to tell the same story, which will cut out a lot of the filler that the show had previously. The endless dialogues and discussions about what to do next were tedious and a condensed time frame to tell the story should force them to keep it to the essentials which will only benefit the story. From a network standpoint, it’s less of a commitment for the network and also the consumers. I know many people who would much rather tackle a shorter show and a 22 episode season of hour long episodes. It’s rough and that hinders many people from possibly getting on board. A 13 episode season would be beneficial for The Tomorrow People from a story telling standpoint allows it to focus.

What The Tomorrow People Needs To Fix
If The Tomorrow People manages to come back in some form, it will need to fix a number of things if it wants to survive beyond season 2. For one, the characters need to be more interesting and engaging. People like to be entertained by their characters and at least feel like their character is behaving like a rational being. It’d be nice if they didn’t push certain relationships as well. I haven’t met anyone who actually believes the chemistry between Cara and John. The writers seem to be pushing the relationship, but it’s sad when one of the most interesting characters, John, begins to flourish when he’s not in that relationship. Then the moment he returns to it, his flair to life disappears. The biggest thing that the show needs to fix is it’s tendency to talk everything out before hand. It’s no fun knowing exactly what the team is going to do before they do it. The second half of this season is fixing this issue, but it still happens.

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