Agents of SHIELD – End of the Beginning

Our latest agents in the fold, Triplett and Garrett, are out on the rode in Sydney on a mission when Mike Peterson comes in after them. When Deathlok’s assault goes awry he jumps out of the ceiling of the building. It was kind of ridiculous and even our agents felt the same.

End of the BeginningThey are hot on the trail of who the clairvoyant is. Coulson and Garrett seem to believe that the clairvoyant was a rejected shield agent. Triplett has a close relationship to it all as his partner was killed by the Clairvoyant. He wants to kill the Clairvoyant and doesn’t want anyone to get in his way.

Skye is all for keeping things on the down low about the alien juice coursing through her. Simmons still doesn’t agree. Does she not seem to remember the reprimand. She’s obsessed with figuring out with her. GH.325 is her latest obsession. Rather than scold the overzealous young agent, May even encouraged Simmons to come to her first. Now that we know that she is observing them it’s intriguing to see her working all her potential assets.

Skye is officially a member of shield.  True she has earned the title, but they made it a bigger deal than it needed to be. Her first assignment is to essentially organize the attack and find the information that is buried underneath a pattern.

Just before the mission, Sitwell is ordered back to the Triskelion for some unrest there. I smell a tie in the Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The mobilization of the various teams of SHIELD agents was great. We got some interesting character moments as they handled their part of the mission. Unfortunately, much of the early pairing was just the characters walking and talking rather than doing something. However, the chatting was quickly put to rest and Deathlok struck. He got shot six times and not a single shot made him bat an eye.

While the first strike proved ineffective, they moved in to the warehouse where Deathlok was, thanks to the tracers he was shot with. It becomes clear that Mike Peterson has been entirely altered, not just his cybernetic eye or leg. He’d been completely retrofitted. It makes him a dangerous weapon with a mind of his own. The pursuit let Coulson and Garett underground, but not before they realize someone was on the same level. We learn it is a parapalegic named Thomas Nash, nicknamed the Clairvoyant. Brad Dourif was great in his performance, but it was so eerie. It was a great performance and the tension was palpable.

End of the BeginningIn a strange turn of events, in the midst of Nash’s dialogue, Ward kills the Clairvoyant. It felt almost as though everything we were working towards was yanked from underneath us in a move that didn’t make sense. We haven’t seen Ward lose his cool in any situation where he was in full control of himself. It didn’t make sense. It also didn’t make sense that he would do it to potentially save Skye’s life.

Coulson is more upset that Ward killed a man who may not have actually been the Clairvoyant. He expresses these thoughts to Skye and together they realize the Clairvoyant is just someone with clearance. Which leads Coulson to believe that Ward may in fact be the man they are looking for. While Coulson is going down that path, Fitz stumbled on the fact that lead Skye to believe it was in fact May. Skye orders Fitz to cut the line, but when May realizes this she comes after him. But even that was misdirection as it seems to be Agent Hand.

What did you think of the episode?

5 thoughts on “Agents of SHIELD – End of the Beginning

  1. Agent Triplett is the Clairvoyant. He makes the Kennedy comparison about Ward’s family and when Ward asks how he knows about them, Triplett says he studied his file (clue 1). He then talks up the revenge angle and asks Ward what he would do if Skye was killed (this plants the seed for Ward’s killing of Nash). Triplett stayed behind with Simmons when everyone went after Deathlok (this from an agent hellbent on revenge against the Clairvoyant). He Is the Clairvoyant! He is the least likely suspect….As far as the May thing, I suspect that’s Fury plant keeping a watchful (and protective) eye on Coulson.

    • I can definitely see May being a mole for Fury. As for Agent Triplett, it’s an interesting theory. All the points you make do make sense. I won’t lie that I would be a little bit upset if it was Triplett causing all the trouble for the team because I enjoy his character.

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