Arrow – Deathstroke

Of course Thea’s little ride with Slade Wilson turned very bad. After a moment of confiding in him, he revealed that he wasn’t actually taking her home. He ran her right into the arms of Brother Blood.

DeathstrokeRoy is struggling with his training and trying to stay calm and improve. Roy is a hot head and doesn’t seem to like the rule that Oliver is imposing on the group. He questions Oliver’s judgment and the decisions he makes for the entire group. While he’s hot off the anger of Oliver making him break up with Thea. Roy blames himself for trusting Oliver. The moment he does what Oliver says to protect the girl he loves, she is immediately in danger.

The flashbacks again had a focus on Sarah and he crew mates who were freed. Sarah is working witht he team to devise a plan to kill Slade as well as solve the crew’s problem.

It’s been a while since Oliver has taken Queen Consolidated and he seems to be shirking his duties. Unfortunately, he can’t ignore his duties as CEO. It was nice to see Isabel Rochev because for a while it was as though she and the entire business didn’t exist. In fact, all of Oliver’s outside responsibilities seem to be coming into play at once. His mother requests he attend the debate to show his support. At the debate, a video question turns out to be a video of Thea as a hostage.

With things blowing up in his face, he needs help. He needs someone to think for him and Isabel steps in as temporary CEO while Oliver handles the business with Thea. That gives Oliver the time he needs to confront Slade. In a rather simple turn of events, Oliver manages to sedate Slade and have him taken in by Quentin. Slade is smarter than that and has records proving that he was elsewhere and couldn’t have taken Thea. This puts Quentin in a bad situation with his boss for again working with the vigilante. As quickly as Slade was apprehended, he was released with a pompous show of support to help find her.

Thea’s entire abduction was so Slade could prove a point to Oliver. That and to throw a wrench into the already messed up Queen family dynamics. He dangles the temptation of the truth behind the secret Oliver is keeping from her. At any time she can walk out and be free, or she can learn the truth. The secret she was told was just that Merlyn was her father. It was enough to destroy her relationship with Oliver though.

DeathstrokeIsabel’s appointment as CEO allowed her to call a board meeting and become the permanent CEO. It was then that she revealed she’d been working with Slade the entire time. Then she leapt at his head in an attack that would have taken out a normal person. After a bit of sparring, Oliver pins her and threatens to kill her if she didn’t reveal Thea’s location.

Oliver breaks into the location, but Thea had already left and arrived at the precinct. Oliver meanwhile just took out a slew of guys as Deathstroke recruited a bus full of prison inmates. Thea’s abduction was just a diversion to get these soldiers.

Slade’s reappearance at Laurel’s home and truth telling that he is the arrow felt a bit too similar to last week. If Slade keeps turning up somewhere and throwing a wrench in the plans, it will become redundant. However, this moment did work.

Oh and no one seemed to either know or care that Quentin was arrested except for Sarah.

What did you think of the episode.

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