The 100 – Earth Kills

Why are all young girls on CW shows named Charlotte. We met another one this week who was sleeping fitfully.

Earth KillsTwo of the 100 who had ran off together were assaulted by a dangerous mist that burned their skin. But there were people within the mist who were also coming after them.

Back at the base there’s a number of things going on. Bellamy is still trying to assert his rule while finding the two lost of the group. Adam is avoiding Octavia like the plague because he clearly doesn’t want to be strung up in a tree again, just to see a girl he kind of likes. Octavia isn’t very happy about it. Bellamy is ready to off Jasper for all his screams of pain that seem to be upsetting the group. Yet, another topic the siblings aren’t seeing eye to eye on.

Clarke is being bossy and unlikeable again, but she is trying to save Jasper the best she can. There’s also the fact that Wells is doing everything he can do to help Clarke and support her, but she’s brushing him off. Sure, he caused her father to be sentenced to execution, but she’s giving him no reason to help. On their trek to find seaweed, the same mist we saw earlier in the episode appeared. They escape into the car they found on the way and seal it shut. The other guy finds some whiskey. While Clarke is against drinking the alcohol because it’s toxic, when Wells says they won’t drink, she goes right to the bottle. Clarke is an even more annoying drunk, but she forces them to confront the situation. Hell, her anger drives even Wells to drink. When Wells was egged on to find out more about what happened, it seemed that there is more to the situation than Clarke knows. It was a relieve that this hatred was over as Clarke realized that Wells was only covering for Clarke’s mother.

Pro tip: Don't call Octavia psycho in front of Bellamy

Pro tip: Don’t call Octavia psycho in front of Bellamy

Bellamy goes on a hunting with Adam and a few other men and nearly kills Charlotte. She however claims she couldn’t be near Jasper anymore because of his screaming. When Bellamy tells her to go back she refuses and Bellamy gives her a knife to hunt. The fog gets to them too and Bellamy makes sure Charlotte is safe as they escape into a cave. But Adam wasn’t so lucky and he fell and was burned by the mist. When the mist cleared they found Adam blistered by the fog begging for death. It reminded me very much of the scene in The Hunger Games when Katniss and crew ha the same effects because of the mist. There’s no saving Adam as he is in such terrible shape he can hardly breathe and from the look of his eyes, sight may be out too. Even Clarke realizes that he can’t be saved, unlike Jasper. Bellamy struggles with killing his friend, so Clarke does it for him. She eases Adam into a gentle death.

In a bit of a turn Charlotte kills Wells, because every day she sees Wells face she’s reminded of Counselor Jaha who floated her parents. The fact that I’m not actually sad Wells is dead is a problem. The other problem is that with him gone, I don’t think I like any of the characters other than Monty and Jasper, who is thankfully back from the dead. At least Bellamy is an interesting character. That can’t be said by anyone else. I’m also worried that by killing Wells, they are now limiting some of the story potential that his character could have brought to the table.

What did you think of the episode?

7 thoughts on “The 100 – Earth Kills

  1. I’m not too happy about them killing off Wells. Like you said, the character seemed to be building up to some potential. Especially the relationship between Clarke and him. I suspect they did this to prop up Finn, but I see no real comparison between Finn and Wells. Wells and Clarke, despite their previous one sided antagonistic relationship, were the only two who countered Bellamy’s manipulation. His character was just breaking ground with the make up with Clarke and had much more potential. I feel like this whole thing with Charlotte came out of thin air for some strange reason and although it seems to fit, it still seems out of place. Making up with Clarke, I’m left wondering why Wells would be out alone, by himself still? My other suspicion is that this was done to strengthen Clarke’s character as well. Wells always backed her up and now she sort of has to stand alone. Sure one could argue she has Jasper, Monty, Finn and on occasion, Octavia, and now maybe Bellamy when it suits his purposes, but now Wells is gone. So she has to try to persuade without that second voice of reason. Also, personally I hate the fact they killed him off, especially with him being one of the two primary black characters on the show.

    • One of my favorite things about Wells was that he was a sort of moral compass, that was willing to bend those morals when necessary. More importantly, he was a moral compass without ever being preachy. It’s a lesson Clarke could learn.

  2. “The fact that I’m not actually sad Wells is dead is a problem.”

    I had to reread this a few times to make certain that I read it correctly. I liked his character – a lot. My question is… why did you not to the point that his death, this early on, does not bother you? Killing likable characters off, that have depth as well as the ability to grow, is the death of television shows.

    • It has very much to do with the way the show is currently developing characters. Wells was an important character. He had the potential to be a real story driver and grow as a character. His death will hopefully lead to important things for other characters. His death does bother me at a storytelling and development level, it leaves me devastated. But I wasn’t given a defining moment that allowed me to connect to him yet. In fact, I don’t think any of the characters have earned that yet. The story hasn’t allowed it. Simply put, it just happened a little too soon.

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  4. They are aiming for GoT effect. Sort of anyone could die, even the good characters and the ones you like. The problem is, this show is no where near in strength when it comes to characters. What I mean is that, most characters on Got were, or are interesting enough and have strong story lines. In the case of this show, at the moment atleast it is certainly not the case.

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