Once Upon A Time in Wonderland – And They Lived… (Series Finale)

With the laws of magic officially changed Jafar wields enough power to do what he wishes, But Amara also has this same power and she intends to save her son’s life. Jafar is ready to kill her and be the only one harnessing that powerful magic until Jafar’s father steps up. In his attempt to spare lives from Jafar’s vengeance he was killed. This distraction was just good enough for Amara and Alice to carry Cyrus to safety.

Cyrus’ death is very short lived and Amara is able to bring him back with very little difficulty. In the proximity of her son we get to see a very different Amara. Rather than being cold and bitter, she is loving and considerate. She acknowledges the love of Alice for Cyrus. Anastasia isn’t the only one brought back from the dead. Jafar brought her back, but forced her to love Jafar. Might I say, it was rather creepy seeing Anastasia kiss Jafar. The look of heartbreak on his face was tragic.

Amara is determined to put an end to Jafar and restore the laws of magic. She makes it very clear that it will require the help of everyone they can muster including the White Rabbit. (Although the only thing he did was dig a hole and get kicked by Jafar like a football.) Amara makes it very clear that in order to accomplish this all they can not risk failing as they try to save Anastasia. Alice isn’t quite fond of this, but she agrees to go along with it even though she knows it will disappoint will.

After Jafar siccs his army on the now separated Alice, Cyrus and Amara, Alice ends up captured. In his grasp, Jafar threatens to use the now changed laws of magic to get Alice to tell Jafar where Amara is. Despite, his threats of taking away her memories of Cyrus, she refuses. She staunchly believes that her love is so real that it can not be replicated, altered, or destroyed.

As Jafar went off to the Well of Wonders to stop Cyrus and Amara, Anastasia is left to watch over a trapped Will and Alice. It was a great moment when Will convinced Anastasia to listen to him about true love and what was needed. He loved her so much he fought through the barrier and kissed Anastasia bringing her senses back.

It was quite fitting that Jafar was defeated by becoming a genie just like he was using the genies to get his powers. It was Nyx that started this story and it was Nyx who ended the story. While their trickery was the undoing of Jafar, it also undid any magic that he had done. That meant that Anastasia returned to the dead as Cyrus’ brother was released from their cages. Thankfully, Nyx believed that Anastasia was supposed to live and willingly gave some water to bring Anastasia back from the dead. It was a great moment for will to see his love come back for real.

It was nice seeing the characters finally reach happiness. Alice had a heartfelt moment with her father as he spoke of forgiveness and their renewed relationship. After everything Alice did to get to Cyrus and vice versa, seeing them all together was fabulous. Even better, I loved that all their people from Wonderland that had helped them were there. Cyrus’ brothers, Will and Anastasia, Tweedle, and even the white rabbit officiating. Alice’s stepmother seemed a bit off put by he entire situation, but must have been thrilled that her pesky step daughter was finally married.

What did you think of the episode?

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