Game of Thrones – Two Swords

Did you see that look on Arya’s face as she repaid the man who killed Lumley in the same way? She looked crazed and it was amazing. In a fight scene after some witty banter with the Hound, he laid waste on the men of the tavern. He made it very clear that he is no fan of the Lannisters and will be doing what he pleases. The result was pretty amazing as The Hound took down the men and Arya came in for the assist. And at the end of the day she got her horse.

Game of Thrones "Two Swords"Sansa isn’t dealing with the death of her family very well. She’s refusing to eat and it’s stressing Tyrion out. In turn, that is causing him to not be so welcoming to his true love. Sansa does get a pick me up when she is offered a necklace from a man who genuinely appreciated her kindness.

Daenerys is dealing with her dragons who are much larger now. Even though she is their mother, she can’t change their wild nature and we see that first hand when on of them snaps at her. This is unsettling to her, but she still loves them. In terms of her travels, she’s having difficulty reigning in Daario, but he seems loyal. Their playful flirtation is also interesting to watch. Along the trail to the next city, Daenerys learns of children strung up at every mile marker.

There were some great scenes with Jamie Lannister as he interacted with both his family and Brienne. In particular, everyone in his family now sees him as useless. In fact, Tywin wished to ship him back to Casterly Rock for him to marry and run the area. They all see him as impotent despite his skill as a swordsman. His presence is discomforting and his insistence of being on the King’s Guard is seen as foolish. Brienne on the other hand is urging Jamie to make good on his promise and protect the Stark children.

Game of Thrones "Two Swords"By the end of this episode, I was mostly caught up with a large chunk of the characters, but not all. Unfortunately, aside from Arya’s murder I missed the intensity that most Game of Thrones episodes exude. This episode was good with some great dialogue and character interactions as per usual. However, this episode lacked some of that intensity.

What did you think of the episode?


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