The 100 – Murphy’s Law

The episode opened with Clarke mourning Wells at his grave. He was her best friend and they’d finally resolved their issues. We also learned that Wells has a love for pencils and writing utensils. She was practically ecstatic when Finn brought her a pencil.

Murphy’s LawClarke is still reeling over the fact that her father died because of her mother. Her idea of revenge is making her mother think she’s died by removing her bracelet. It works like a charm as her mother freaks out.

Octavia is bonding with Jasper. He’s back on his feet and moving around. It must be nice coming back from near death. Apparently it’s been a week since Wells was killed. In regard to the one week time lapse, that means Clarke’s mother’s time is nearly up. Clarke makes a statement that makes it clear that they knew Wells died and thought it was the grounder.

Clarke immediately blames John. It was his knife that was found beside Wells severed fingers. Clarke seems to immediately regret her decision as the group tries to kill John. What did she expect, storming in to a group of cruel people with claims of murder. they string him up. He was nearly dead until Charlotte admitted in chaos that she did it.

This immediately kicks Bellamy into protector mode. He realizes that Charlotte simply misunderstood his meaning of Slay your demons”. Bellamy is flummoxed that this girl took it so far as to kill Wells. He also doesn’t want to see her dead, although John and a number of others no what her to be punished, aka killed for her crime. Bellamy refuses and puts it to a vote. Most would rather keep the girl allow, but John isn’t happy and attacks Bellamy and goes for Charlotte, but Clarke’s already escaped the tent with her. What I don’t understand about all of this is that Clarke is the one who is saving this girl’s life. Charlotte killed her best friend and has no reason other than she was trying to slay her demons. She is young, yes, but she isn’t so young to not understand the concept of death. Her actions while slightly misguided were premeditated with the knowledge that killing him would make him go away. That there is guilt.

Thankfully, we saw that Clarke isn’t exactly fond of the girl. Clarke exploded at the girl when Charlotte tried to hold her hand for comfort. Finn doesn’t seem to be willing to be so harsh on her. Sure, he didn’t have the same connection to Wells, but he’s rather lenient toward a girl who just admitted to committing murder.

Murphy’s LawThe majority of the episode was spent with Charlotte running for her life as various people helped her. John was determined to kill Charlotte. Bellamy and everyone was ready to sacrifice themselves to help save Charlotte. She turns herself in and jumps off the cliff to her death. It seemed to satisfy John even if he didn’t get to do the killing. It was nice to see her take responsibility for her actions and the punishment that was coming for her. Bellamy doesn’t take her death well and nearly kills John before Clarke intervenes. Clarke admits that Bellamy had been right and people can’t always know the truth. Kind of a nice line up with what Clarke was imprisoned for. Together Clarke and Bellamy decide they make the rules and banish John.

Back on the ship, Clarke’s mom is still trying to determine it earth is safe. Raven is causing trouble and pissing people off as she trying to get parts for the ship. She needs parts to make the ship take off. They get the necessary part, but their dealer rats them out. Abbie insists that Raven still makes the trip down to the ground and she will stall giving Raven the necessary time to finish the installation. Raven realizes she was intentionally given a shoddy part, but realizes that she can fix it on her own with an old space suit. Raven manages to get out in the pod on her way to Earth.

The one thing this show is trying to push hard is Finn and Clarke and Octavia and Jasper. Neither relationship really works well. They feel forced. However, Octavia and Jasper is a bit better, but not by much. At least with them there has been a some what of a build, even if it wasn’t natural. Finn and Clarke have been thrust together with some slight flirting and then all of a sudden they are jumping each other’s bones. It doesn’t make much sense, except for the obvious plot device now that Raven’s on her way down.

What did you think of the episode.

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