Finding Stories You Love

It isn’t easy to find the book you love and the genres you love. It just isn’t easy unless you put the time into it. Sure, for some people reading just isn’t their thing, but I would bet that the majority of people who find reading distasteful probably just have never found what they could love. I truly believe that there is a story for everyone, you just have to plow through the muck to find it.



How to Find Books
The best way that I’ve found to enjoy books is through the library. It’s really simple, go in, pick a book, read it, if you love it finish it. If you hate it return it. There’s no strings attached when it comes to libraries because there’s no pressure to finish it because you paid for it. That can be a major relief. It’s almost ridiculous how many books I’ve returned never having surpassed 100 pages.

When A Book Isn’t Working
I know that I don’t like a book when I can only manage to read 5 pages a night before passing out. Sure, there are times when I’m exhausted and even the most engaging book ends up flopped to the side as I fall asleep. However, when it takes a month to read a 350 page book a mere week after I plowed through a 650 page novel in 10 days, there’s a problem. Not every book is going to work. And some books that people hail as masterpieces and love to bits may be a torturous experience for you. There’s no reason that you should have to subject yourself to a book that doesn’t work for you.

Sometimes It Isn’t A Book You Need
Sometimes books just aren’t your thing and one you actually enjoy is few and far between. But a book is far from the only kind of reading that you may thrive on. Comics are one medium that are very heavy on reading, but also combine images that make the medium more visual or engaging. Just because you can’t get into a story because a book can’t paint the visual that entices you to go forward, doesn’t mean that you should forgo any attempt at reading. For months, my boyfriend would not pick up his kindle and read a book that he’d wanted to read. However, then I introduced him to Marvel Unlimited and he won’t get his head out of those comics. It really is all about the medium.



Your Genre
One of the keys to finding the stories you love is finding the genre that you love. Growing up, I would only read mysteries. I was an odd kid. At 8 years old my favorite stories were that of Sherlock Holmes. However, outside of reading my interests were always in the supernatural. Heck, I desperately wanted to be a magician. In many ways I think my love of mysteries and fantasy and science fiction are tied heavily together. I reveled in the unknown. I thrived on the how could that be possible. I wanted to know more and I wanted the world to seem more magical. I still do. So it wasn’t a surprise when I picked up fantasy and science fiction stories finally and loved them. I used my interests in day to day life and figured out what kind of stories worked for me.

Stories You Love
I seek out zombie stories, but more often than not the ones I really love are actually science fiction or fantasy based rather than horror based. I’m just not a horror person, though the occasional story intrigues me. It’s outside of my preferred genres. However, every so often one seeps in. I picked up Carrie the other day and I fell in love. There are certain bits in the story that take me out and make me cringe. I’ve seen the movies and know how it ends, yet I’m fascinated. I could easily say it’s a story I will love for the foreseeable future.

What is your genre of choice? What are you currently reading? When do you know a book isn’t working for you?

3 thoughts on “Finding Stories You Love

  1. Right now, I’m reading The Guns of August, which is this long chunk of a non-fiction about the start of WWI. Won a Pulitzer Prize. Meticulously researched. I’m finding it a bit hard to get through though, because it’s SO stuffed with information and names that I’m getting confused. But I’m also doing a reading challenge this year, so I’m determined to finish it. I usually read historical fiction or historical romance or general fiction.

    • My best friend is big on historical fiction so she converts me a lot. You don’t know how many non-fiction history based books I’ve read because of her. But if she gives a stamp of approval I generally like it.

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