The Tomorrow People – Modus Vivendi

Seeing Jed crack to the point of near hysterics was rather traumatic. There may have been wrongs that Jed did. And his endgame goal may not be perfectly honest. However, how broken he is indicates that Jed really is truly protective of his brother. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that Jed would do anything possible to help Roger. For that simple reason he should be trusted for the safety of Roger. John seems to see that and stays with a distressed Jed. Despite being urged to leave to avoid the risk of being found out, Jed decided to stay. While Jed may not do anything to jeopardize saving his brother, the real question is what will he do when he is brought back.

Modus VivendiIt was interesting seeing The Founder interact with Stephen and Russell. The Founder is doing his best to try to get the tomorrow people to come up from the tunnels. For Russell, everything The Founder presented passed his sniff test. However, the difference between Russell and Cara is that Russell wants desperately to be back with the world. However, Russell manages to convince Cara that a party is okay. Thus we have a party since all tomorrow’s parties. In a tense standoff between the tomorrow people and Ultra agents things could have gone very badly. It was Russell who broke the tension and started dancing with an agent. It was interesting seeing this truce play out.

It’s rather interesting seeing the women in Stephen’s life, namely Astrid and Cara unsettled by Stephen’s choice in Hilary. Yes, Astrid has all the reason in the world to dislike Hilary. Hilary did try to get Astrid killed. Cara just doesn’t trust Hilary. She seems heartbroken to see Stephen with Hilary which didn’t make sense, considering she finally got John back. I don’t really get Cara’s motivations all the time. Instead they seem to change to suit the needs of the story.

Modus VivendiThen there was the entire mess with Roger. He was taken out of cryostatis after Jed’s hideaway was found. That mean they needed to quickly operate on him to get the bullet out and save his life. This meant all hands on deck, even Astrid who helped gather supplies. Also Stephen’s mother was brought in to do the actual operation. All of this resulted in a lot of chaos, that moved the episode rather well through the second half. It also brought Hilary into the fold (even if she’s a betrayer). But in the fight for Roger’s life, it was Stephen who did his best to guide Roger back to the land of the living. After all this time, Roger is finally back.

What did you think of the episode?

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