Agents of SHIELD – Providence

The episode began in Raina’s holding cell as she made origami crowns. Moments, later there is disruption and we see Ward entering her cell to give her a flower dress. He takes her to see the Clairvoyant who we now definitevely know that it is John Garret, unless he’s just claiming the title. She is rather shaken that the man she was following wasn’t actually a clairvoyant like she believed. Raina is promptly brought down to HYDRA headquarters.

ProvidenceSkye was only able to confirm that 3 locations including the Hub were secure from HYDRA. A major disappointment for Coulson who was expecting 7 plus the Hub. Meanwhile, Fitz is working on fixing the bus, but there are some issues. But all hands are on deck to get it fixed. Before the bus is fixed, Talbot calls in to let the team know that he’ll be coming to the Hub. Triplett is truly upset that Coulson doesn’t want to allow him to come along. Coulson makes a good point that he was Garrett’s subordinate, but so did Simmons in that Triplett risked his life for SHIELD.

There were more comparisons of Romanov to Ward. Apparently everything that we know about Ward has been a lie. He does seem upset that Skye was atacked and gives Garrett a cold shoulder for it. Garrett on the other hand could care less about Skye. He’s more concerned with getting Raina back in charge of the Centipede program. They are working on figuring out what brought Coulson back from the dead which resulted in some gruesome dead bodies.

ProvidenceIt was nice to see Skye reflect on how quickly her SHIELD badge was ineffectual. But in looking at their badges they realized that Coulson’s badge had glowing coordinates. The team debated a bit if the coordinates weren’t HYDRA, but Coulson went on his spiel. he believes in Fury. When May comes to confiscate Coulson’s weapon, he refuses. Accidentally May reveals that Fury was not behind the TAHITI project and without him there’s no knowing who is. The unrest is being felt everywhere. While Triplett is still voicing his uncertainty, but Fitz is determined to follow the man he believes in.

It was weird seeing Ward sound off on his thoughts of all the team. It was nice seeing Raina sound off against him. Even Raina acknowledges that Coulson is a good man. It’s interesting see her have doubts, while Ward is gung ho about betraying those we know. Garrett and Ward were playing tricks as they did their best to get inside of the facility. When a little light persuasion didn’t work, they had their own helicopter shoot at them. Finally one of the guards caved. When he did, I almost didn’t feel bad that Ward dispatched them both a moment later. After sacking the place to force Coulson into spend more time on the place than necessary. Ward makes a bet with Garrett about the bottom of the base actually being the bottom of the base. It is only now that Ward has been revealed as HYDRA that he is beginning to be interesting.

ProvidenceThere was a moment between Fitz and Simmons as Fitz professed that he does believe what he’s been saying. Fitz claims he’s glad that somethings don’t change in reference to them. However Simmons sees that things have changed. May and Skye also had a moment. It’s interesting because the two of them probably care for Coulson the most out of the whole crew. However, trekking through the cold to the coordinates puts them on end. Coulson has a break and it was moving. His entire world was changed by SHIELD imploding and he refuses to give up on the one last person he believes in. That however, resulted in Coulson throwing his badge only to be shot away and turrets revealed.

Coulson believed in Fury and stepped forward to be greeted. It was revealed that it was one of Fury’s secret bases that Eric Koenig called Providence even though it didn’t have name. Koenig has a bit of hot and cold attitude. Toward Coulson he’s perfectly nice to everyone else, not so much. Koenig reveals to Coulson alone that Nick Fury is in fact still alive. No one else can know, but Coulson seems to want to tell the team.

ProvidenceWard’s new goal is to get the information necessary from Skye by any means necessary. If he fails to get the information Skye, he’s to kill the rest of the team and bring Skye to Garrett. In a brief moment, we got a glimpse of Garrett and what looked to be a metal replacement similar to Deathlok’s on his torso. Ian Quinn was brought back into the fold as well. Like Raina, he wasn’t too pleased to learn he was working for a man not a true clairvoyant. Also like Raina, he wasn’t too deterred by working for HYDRA because it got him what he wanted. His gravitonium.

What did you think of the episode?

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