What I’ve Always Loved About Marvel

I’m a fan of all comics, but I admit my soft spot leans a bit toward Marvel (Don’t worry, tomorrow’s post will be about DC). There are just various aspects of the show that have connected with me and I’m going to go through some of them. Bear with me, the first comic that I ever read was Spider-Man. I read those comics all through my childhood and there was something about reading about him that got me really excited.

Iron Spider

Iron Spider

The Real World
One of the things that made me feel connected was the simple fact that the Marvel Universe was set within the real world. That mean that Spider-Man was swinging through New York past sights that I recognized. It made me feel like I could be part of the world. Or that in fact there were secret hereos that were throughou the streets. It made it feel more possible because the world it was set in was already there. It was one of the things that used to draw me out of DC in a way because I spent a lot of time trying to figure out where these cities were located within the US. There was something about knowing that the Marvel universe was set in our world that was exciting. Sure, there were some places like Wakanda and Latveria that were entirely made up, but the majority of the world was there. I could have used with a little less Jersey hate, but it all felt legit.

Matt Murdock

Matt Murdock is Daredevil

Real People
One of the best things about Marvel was that often times the heroes we saw were real people who were thrown into extraordinary circumstances and then forced to make a choice as they adapted. Being able to see characters that felt like real people that I could relate to was important to me growing up. Knowing that Spider-Man was just a smart nerdy teenager, but was so much more was inspiring. Or the fact that Daredevil was a blind lawyer who managed to clean the streets in anyway possible. These people felt like real people that I could run into on the street and not know that they had these ulterior personas. It made me feel connected to the characters because they didn’t come off as unattainable caricatures, but real people. The ability to look at a character and think well, I know someone who is like that made their personalities hit home.

Marvel Characters

Marvel Characters

Array of Characters
The one thing about Marvel that always had me engaged was Marvel’s vast catalog of characters. If there was a type of character that I thought of there was a good chance there was a Marvel character. Characters that arose in various social climates and many of who managed to transcend those times periods and update themselves to be relevant. Two of my favorites that fall into this category are Iron Fist and Luke Cage. Both men arose in the seventies as responses to the social climate and interests of the public. For Iron Fist, Danny Rand was a martial arts and zen master. His creation heavily inspired by a cultural infatuation with martial arts movies from the likes of Bruce Lee. Being able to see a stable of Marvel characters that maintain relevance and continue to engage the public is fantastic. Only DC has a stable of characters to rival Marvel.

What do you enjoy about Marvel?

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