Final Trailer and 1 Minute of X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Okay, Okay. I veered off plan a little bit. However I wanted to be timely so instead this is going to be all about X-Men. Specifically the new video that was released over the past few days. These new clips are proving that X-Men: Days of Future Past may just be the exact movie that comic book fans have been clamoring for. A giant movie, with a huge cast, emotion and action. It has the potential to be tremendous. It has the potential to be a new breath of fresh air into a growing franchise. If there is any Marvel property that is being handled well it’s X-Men with Fox. This is largely because they have a huge cast of characters for them to use and plenty of internal strife. Essentially, X-Men can work as their own little universe without feeling cramped or overworked, like Spider-Man.

Final Trailer

I’ve enjoyed all of the trailers that have been put out thus far. They’ve made me want to go see the movie more an more. However, this final trailer was the deal sealer. It started slow with explanation of what was going on and the problem with the sentinels. Bolivar Trask’s sentinels began targeting mutants and then turned on everyone. It’s an interesting prospect with some dark and threatening footage to go with. We then transition into a building of the team situation. Here we see Charles coming to accept what Wolverine is there to do and ticking off everyone. In an interesting moment with Beast, Wolverine acknowledges that he doesn’t make it. We also get to see that Magneto is in his plastic jail cell under the pentagon. And since Magneto is necessary, they recruit Quicksilver to help break him out. It’ll be interesting to see whether they reveal that he is in fact Magneto’s son. We are then reminded of the threat that the X-Men are facing in the future should our past team fail.

First Minute of Footage

The first minute of the film was revealed the other day at the MTV Movie Awards. I’ll be honest I haven’t watched the show since I was 14 (Besides it would have interfered with Game of Thrones), but I did catch the footage afterwards. Rather than seeing the team from first class we are brought into the future. We get to see some of the interesting characters that were not highlighted in previous films such as Blink, Bishop, Sunspot, and Warpath. They are in a fight for their lives against the evolved sentinels. The future sentinel design is fantastic in action. They feel organic, strong, and terrifying at the same time. They are using the powers of the mutants against them. It’s great to see other characters flexing their abilities. It feels even better to see Bobby Drake really displaying his power with his ice bridges and turning fully to ice. We don’t get too much in the sequence, but it is an indication that the film moves and wants to entice us with what these characters can do. It seems really clear that in many ways that sets Days of Future Past apart from First Class. First Class was about accepting who they were and growing as people and mutants. Days of Future Past seems to say screw it we are mutants and this is what we are capable and we aren’t ashamed of it.

And since I’m talking about X-Men: Days of Future Past already it’s the perfect place to mention that Rogue appears to be back in the film and will be making a cameo.

What did you think of the final trailer and the first minute?

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