The 100 – Twilight’s Last Gleaming

Seeing Clarke and Finn together still didn’t feel earned. It didn’t help that they don’t have chemistry. However, this is going to be forced on us for the sake of the plot. As the to new lovebirds were handing out in their secret place, they spot the pod that was coming down with Raven. In fact, everyone did and realized that it wasn’t just a meteor, but a pod. No one seems to be agreeing as to whether they should go after it or not. Meanwhile Raven is hurt on the ground.

Twilight's Last GleamingBellamy orders everyone to stay at the camp and wait until the morning, while he went after whatever was in the pod. He’s going after the pod alone before anyone else can. He realizes that if the people from the Ark come down he’ll be executed for shooting Jaha. He reveals this to Octavia finally and she can’t handle the news. While Bellamy was telling Octavia about what he did, Clarke realized that Bellamy was going after the pod alone and went after him with Finn. But Bellamy arrives at the pods first and steals the radio before Raven wakes.

When Bellamy finally does wake, she sees Clarke first. Finn strolls up later and its an instant reunion. They kiss and she stares into his eyes longingly as Clarke realizes what just happened and the smile fades from her face. Finn tries to explain it as knowing each other their entire life, but even that relationship doesn’t feel genuine. Clarke is quickly back together focus of finding Bellamy. And boy does Clarke more on quickly. Yes, she does seem a bit irked, but that’s it. She’s accepting and thus the potential conflict was totally erased.

Bellamy learned from Raven that Jaha wasn’t dead. Clarke tried to use this to convince Bellamy to give up the radio since 300 people will die. Too bad Bellamy had already thrown the radio into the water. He was regretful, but Clarke still laid it on them. Instead people on the ground decide they will help Raven build a rocket to signal the Ark since they can’t used the radio. They managed to set them off too. Everyone seemed to work together, another odd thing considering so many of them wanted the ark to think them dead. Maybe that switch in logic just doesn’t make sense to be, but it irked me.

Twilight's Last GleamingEverything that Abby did wrong seems to be absolved. It looks like the calculations were wrong and people will be dying much faster than expected. People are starting to die now. The plan to kill 300 people was approved. Very quickly she was absolved of her crime and she was back to helping the increasing number of people getting sick.

Councellor Jaha can’t stand what they voted to do, but he realizes it must be done. However, he knows he won’t be able to live with himself, so he decides that he’s going to be the final casualty of the culling. Abby isn’t thrilled about this, but Jaha makes a point. It’s rather hyprocritcal of him to ask 300 people to die when he’s not willing to die himself. Abby went live with her husband’s recording and added her own broadcast. Instead of unrest, people came to them volunteering themselves to be floated. While I could understand a number of the people doing this, apaprently 400 people offered themselves. I don’t believe that 20% of the population would sacrifice themselves. That is a large part of the population not just saying they’d give up their lives, but acting on it. They didn’t get the signal until after the people died to spare more air.

Oh yeah and Octavia encountered a grounder.

What did you think of the episode?

One thought on “The 100 – Twilight’s Last Gleaming

  1. My question about the entire premise of the show: If the ark is running out of air and people are dying… why not just return to earth and take a chance on living?

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